How to exercise pectoral muscles Recommended 6 methods

The topic of fitness is becoming more and more popular among men. In the spare time for work, such as running, swimming and other fitness exercises work out Not only can ease the fatigue of the day, but also enhance physical fitness. So how do men exercise chest muscles? What are the benefits of exercising pectoral muscles? What should you watch out for when exercising your breast muscles? Want to exercise male Friends can learn about it.

How to exercise the chest muscles What are the ways to exercise the chest muscles How to exercise the chest muscles

The How to exercise pectoral muscle

1, double arm flexion and extension

This sport is used as a warm-up of the chest. The main focus is to create a lower chest. Clamp on the elbows, lean forward on the upper body, admit to the chin, and slightly hold the chest. Be sure to maintain this position regardless of starting or ending. Do not place the movement too low at the bottom so as not to put too much pressure on the shoulder joints.

The 2, barbell flat bench press

This exercise can exercise the entire chest circumference, and the different grip distances of the barbells also cause different stimuli to the chest muscles. Compared with the shoulders, the grip is slightly smaller than the shoulder and the middle pectoralis major muscles are exercised to exercise the entire pectoral muscle at the same width as the shoulders. The pectoral muscles are slightly wider than the shoulders, and the pectoralis muscles are wider if the shoulder width is wider. After the exercise.

3, oblique dumbbell lift

The movement of the oblique dumbbell lift is a useful method for exercising the upper pectoralis muscle. Compared with barbells, the advantage of dumbbells lies in the fact that there are no restrictions on the bar. Using dumbbells for chest exercise can fully stretch the pectoralis major. However, the precautions that need to be exercised here are that the dumbbells can't be lowered too much, otherwise it is easy to pull the pectoral muscles. The angle of the swash plate is controlled between 30-45 degrees, and the pressure on the deltoid toe beam is too large due to the angle, which affects the force of the pectoral muscle.

How to exercise the chest muscles What are the ways to exercise the chest muscles How to exercise the chest muscles

The 4, chest cross clip chest

This action mainly exercises lower pectoralis major and middle pectoral muscles. Use light weight and many times as much as possible to keep the elbows slightly bent to ensure bow and chest.

5, oblique dumbbell bench press

Exercise the lower pectoralis major muscle. Idea dumbbells or barbells to the lower ribs on both sides, do not put in the middle of pectoralis major muscle, so as not to cause pressure on the shoulder joints.

6, butterfly flying birds

Flying birds can exercise chest separation. Adjust the height of the seat so that the handle and shoulder are at the same height, and both arms remain bent. Note that the degree of opening of both arms should be well controlled. Open it to the back plane and do not over-open it, otherwise it will easily hurt the shoulder joints. When starting exercise, the weight should not be too heavy. Pause during adduction for 3 seconds to fully squeeze the pectoralis major.

How to exercise the chest muscles What are the ways to exercise the chest muscles How to exercise the chest muscles

Muscle increase food

1, yogurt

For post-workout recovery and muscle growth, yogurt is the best combination of protein and carbohydrates. Furthermore, yogurt supplemented with fruits can increase insulin in the blood and thus reduce protein loss after exercise.

2. Olive oil

Olive oil contains monounsaturated fat, an anti-metabolic nutrient that is beneficial health , And has more free radical anti-vitamin E than pure food. Taking olive oil can also lower the heart disease Colon cancer diabetes And the risk of osteoporosis.

3, water

The muscle contains about 80% of water, so even if only 1% of the body's moisture changes, it will affect exercise performance and recovery. If the body is short of water, the body's use of protein to build muscle will decrease. In well-hydrated conditions, protein synthesis in muscles is faster. "many Drink water Good health, everyone knows.

The 4, coffee

The right amount of caffeine helps increase endurance and stimulates you for longer periods of exercise. The amount and time of drinking are the key. Note: People with a history of hypertension do not apply. (Reference website: Minfu Kang)

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