What to do with sore feet 4 ways to make it easy for you to walk

In some sports work out Among the ways, many people choose to walk to achieve the effect of exercise, but if you want to walk to achieve the effect of exercise, this walking time must be longer than other exercise time, but the human body in a long walk Later, because the human body's feet need to bear the weight of the upper body of the human body, under the pressure of a long time, the body's feet will also cause a state of load, resulting in fatigue of both feet, and normal performance of the foot will appear sore , tingling, and foot skin Rubbing the shoes for a long time may also cause the skin of the foot to break. symptom Caused blister , inflammation, etc. Then, when we walk tired, how should we alleviate the situation of foot fatigue? Let's take a look with Xiao Bian below.

Walking sore foot how to do How to take foot soaking how to do

Raise the leg

As the human body walks for a long time, the importance of the legs is very large. At this time, due to the body's important pressure, the blood circulation of the legs will be hindered and the legs will be caused by the tonic. Ministry of fatigue increased.

So in this case you can choose to stop and take a rest and put your legs too high, or put your legs directly on the chair, but note that the position where the legs are too high is better than the position of your heart organ. It will promote the reflux of the blood in the leg and relieve the pressure and fatigue of the leg.

Walking sore foot how to do How to take foot soaking how to do

Choose comfortable footwear

When we choose to run, walk, jog, etc., the shoes and socks on the feet are also very important, because there is a pair of comfortable sports shoes and socks, which can help relieve the foot fatigue to a large extent, if it is not fit Wearing uncomfortable shoes and socks can easily lead to skin cracking, pain in the feet, and blistering of the skin on the feet. Even severe cases can lead to sprained feet.

So when you choose to walk and run, you must choose a comfortable foot and socks for better prevention And slow down the fatigue of the foot.

Massage the foot

When we walk for a long time, the normal foot will be in a state of fatigue. At this time, we can massage the foot and promote the blood circulation of the foot. This can also relieve the fatigue of the foot.

However, when you massage your feet, you need to pay attention to the fact that when you massage, it is best to heat up until the feet, so that the effect of massage can be better reflected.

Walking sore foot how to do How to take foot soaking how to do

Foot bath

After walking for a long time, after the symptoms of tiredness in the feet, you can also choose to soak your feet to relieve fatigue. This method is also the method most popular for everyone. In the process of soaking the feet, it not only can effectively relieve the removal of the feet. Fatigue can also help to remove some of the body's moisture if you add some traditional Chinese medicine If you do, the effect will be better.

For example, you can add less salt in hot water bathing feet, so that it can play a role in sterilization, if it is because of prolonged walking or running lead to foot peeling and lead to inflammation, then it is just right This will effectively help eliminate some of the bacteria in the inflamed area of ​​the foot. treatment The role. If you have a foot odor, you can effectively relieve the symptoms of foot odor.

Of course, you can also join together other, such as vinegar, milk, ginger, pepper, herbs, flowers, etc., these ingredients are not the same, the effect will be different. ( 99 health (www.99.com.cn) Zhuangao, if you need to reprint please indicate the source. )

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