How to have abdominal muscles

Believe male Want to have a solid pectoral muscle, for you to select the 4 most effective, classic, fastest pectoral muscle work out Action, I wish you have your own muscle coat as soon as possible.

How to have abdominal muscles How to exercise abdominal muscles

Four ways for men to exercise abdominal muscles

1, double arm flexion and extension

As a chest warm-up action, focus on creating the lower chest. Action points: Elbows clamped, upper body leaning forward, chin adduction, a little chest, regardless of the beginning or end to maintain this position, the action should not put too low at the bottom, so as not to put too much pressure on the shoulder joints.

2, barbell flat bench press

Create a full chest circumference. Different grip stimulations have different emphasis. Slightly narrower shoulder to shoulder exercise in the middle of the pectoralis major muscle, and the shoulder with the width of the whole chest muscle training, shoulder exercise slightly wider than the chest muscles, and then widen if it is focused on training deltoid muscle after the beam.

How to have abdominal muscles How to exercise abdominal muscles

3, the position of the feet

The legs are separated by 45 degrees and lie flat on the ground for strong support. To put your foot on the bench, the stability will be poor, and you need to share some of the power to control the stability of the core muscles, so you can not maximize your strength to exercise the pectoral muscles. Important: Do not lift hips and waist off the stool.

The 4, oblique dumbbell lift

Exercise the upper pectoralis major muscle. The advantage of dumbbells over barbells is that they are not limited by a bar, and they can stretch the pectoralis major fully. Be careful not to lower the pectoralis major so as not to pull the pectoral muscle. This exercise is done in front because free weight requires a lot of energy. The angle of the swash plate is controlled between 30-45 degrees, and the pressure on the deltoid toe is too large due to the angle, which affects the force of the pectoral muscle.

Why Exercise (Necessity of Exercise)

1, increase resistance body health

Frequently participating in exercise can make the muscles produce qualitative changes, so that muscle muscle glycogen, myosin, actin and muscle red (red blood) protein content increases. Can increase the body to disease Resistance. Make your body healthier.

How to have abdominal muscles How to exercise abdominal muscles

2, to promote metabolism

Regular participation in exercise can make the body get more nutrients and oxygen, which is at the expense of the body's metabolism.

3, strong and powerful

Regular exercise can make muscle fibers thicken, and muscle cross-section and volume increase, making the body strong and powerful.

4, muscle tightening

People who do not participate in physical exercise often show shoulders, waist and abdomen, muscles of the buttocks and lower extremities muscles are loose, subcutaneous fat is increased, and muscle elasticity is reduced. (Reference website: Family doctor online)

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