The reason why five thirty-year-old men are still not married

Thirty, although this is an ancient saying, it is still applicable now. Someone has counted the reason why a 30-year-old man is still not married. Did you shoot a few?

Reason why a 30-year-old man is not married Why a 30-year-old man is not married yet

The reason why a 30-year-old man is still not married

1. There is too much pressure on life

In modern society, the main pressure is not only from work, but also from life. In the face of the challenge of marriage, it is not simple to make friends and it is necessary to solve a series of real problems such as houses and cars. The pressure of these lives is enough to allow Thirty-year-old man Choose to give up marriage.

2. Not enough money

In addition to the family car, it is more important to have enough capital to live. From the moment one is about to bid farewell to a single person, we must spend money to cultivate feelings. The preparations for marriage are basically accompanied by money and married life. Naturally, it is impossible to live without sufficient funds.

The 3. Pick and choose to take a look

Maybe I have talked about a lot of girlfriends, including cohabitants. Then when they face the sensitive vocabulary of marriage, they can't bear to bury themselves quickly, so they start picking, pick one after another, and in the end, they look at themselves. On the other people feel inappropriate, others see it, and they do not feel like it.

Reason why a 30-year-old man is not married Why a 30-year-old man is not married yet

The 4. For the so-called study and career

The Thirty-year-old man I thought I had never stopped learning and had been in a state of learning. As a result, I graduated from a bachelor’s degree with a bachelor’s degree in science. After I finished my studies, I still want to read Bo. I’ve been more than 30 at a time, and I’m just not willing to mention marriage just to work. There will be more choices in the future and it will be waiting.

5. celibacy

Obviously do not want to get married, like single, like freedom, do not like to be restrained, not to be bound by life, especially married men, of course, not as unmarried as free, so most of the 70 male celibates are more selfish.

Reason why a 30-year-old man is not married Why a 30-year-old man is not married yet

How to take off a single man

1. Don't be cold on the person

In normal interpersonal communication, everyone likes people with good temperament and easy to get along with. In fact, it is also true that if you always put on a pair of high and cold faces, it is difficult for the opposite sex to have contact with your desire. Therefore, we should not always refuse people to go beyond a thousand miles, and we should treat the people around them well. This will also give us some opportunities.

2, adjust their own mentality and requirements

Many people are too cautious about choosing their spouse, and they often ask for a higher level of performance. As a result, they are left behind. They are often left behind. If two people are together, they must be as good as they are and be nice to themselves. Other external conditions should not be excessive. Contrast, after all, the days are their own, not to others to see, so long as the other party really love yourself, you can try to exchange.

3, improve their personal charm

Whether single men and women, they should learn to dress themselves, so as to attract the attention of the opposite sex, get the attention of the opposite sex, not always slovenly, often love and blind date, appearance is the first impression, if always Can not afford to mention the interests of others, in that case, others will not take the initiative to pursue you and have a good impression on you, but rather bored, do not have too much contact with you. (Reference site: Cherish Network)

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