5 sports help men lose weight

Men always have direct neglect of small details of daily life. Overeating, excessive drinking, irregular diet, and lack of exercise make men’s stomachs bigger and bigger. Some men’s The stomach is even bigger than the expectant mother. And men with big bellies will not only hurt their image but also make a series of disease Looking for the door, so in peacetime, the man must seriously reduce the stomach, restore with a health The normal body is the most responsible for his own body.

What is the method for men to lose belly? How to lose weight?

How to lose weight

Kidney beans

This method is for those who are more lithe than ligaments. We can choose to eat dinner for half an hour each day and then pour 200 soy beans on the ground. Then we use the method of standing bent over and picking beans, remembering to bend only when we stand on beans, and not allow the legs to bend. Every time you pick up a bean, you can find that your stomach becomes thin when it lasts for about 1 month.

What is the method for men to lose belly? How to lose weight?

Standing against the wall to lose weight

In the evening, I can't eat too much, I can't eat too much, I can almost eat a full five-point meal. After eating for half an hour, I will stand on the wall for 15 minutes. I must rest the whole back against the wall. Don't appear. In the case of bending, insist on doing it once a day, and it will take almost one week.

Standing twist exercise

When we finish lunch or in the evening, choose a free time, then stand up and do a waist-twisting posture, twisting around 100 or so, this action is a bit like doing a belly dance, but When you twist your waist, remember that you can only use your waist and your feet are in a standing position.

What is the method for men to lose belly? How to lose weight?

Chair movement

The method of chair movement is also a way to lose weight. Why is this movement called chair movement? Although chair movement is useless, it takes us to illusion. As if we had a chair in front of us, then we used the method of sitting on the chair, and then the upper body should be stretched straight, can not be bent; then slowly let the body appear squatting situation. When doing this exercise, remember to apply force to your waist and do not move your feet.


Running is one of the best ways to lose weight, and the effect is also the most obvious. We can choose to get up in the morning or in the evening, and then choose a park with no people. We can use jogging to run. When we get sore feet, we need to rest, because excessive exercise will make us Excessive fatigue of the body.

Above, I talked about five ways to lose weight. Let's act quickly and reduce the belly weight. ( 99 Health Network (www.99.com.cn) Zhuangao, if you need to reprint, please indicate the source. )

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