Men often practice yoga will have these 6 benefits

Yoga is not only female The favorite sports method is also very suitable male Oh! The original traditional yoga is tailored for men, men can also practice yoga!

Do men often practice yoga? What are the benefits of men practicing yoga? What are the postures of men practicing yoga?

The work out What are the benefits of yoga

1, conditioning physiological

Reaching Balanced Yoga emphasizes that the body is a large system. The system consists of several parts, so that each part can maintain a good state to have health body of. Yoga adjusts the physiological functions of various organs by means of body position method and rate adjustment to achieve the purpose of physical strength.

2, eliminate tension

Peace of mind through yoga, complete breathing, meditation and various posture methods, regulation nerve System, to eliminate tension 3) cultivation of morality, Houdezaiwu promotes a healthy and healthy life attitude, so that you naturally remove smoking, drinking these bad habits. Keeping yourself confident by constantly surpassing yourself.

3, special exercises

Special curative yoga for weight loss, insomnia, anxiety and arthritis symptom Very good effect.

Do men often practice yoga? What are the benefits of men practicing yoga? What are the postures of men practicing yoga?

4, against male health crisis

Men have many health problems, lack of awareness of their own bodies and brains, physical problems are actually from the pressure of overload, if there is not a calm brain, people are always stressed, people's emotions are very fierce. As the pressure increases, disease It will stand out. Chronic stress causes heart disease and cancer The probability of occurrence is 6 times higher than smoking and high cholesterol. The human brain is one of the most important organs. When the brain is tired, many functions are affected. The great benefit of yoga is that it can help the brain wave return to a state of calm, maximize the role of the parasympathetic nerves, restore to an energetic state, and fight a variety of healthy crises.

5, shape bodybuilding, elegant body shape

Because men do not pay attention to their body shape like women, after 30 years of age, men have a high proportion of obesity, and there are many hidden dangers. Practicing yoga has a special effect on reducing body fat and fat and increasing body flexibility. Can help men maintain their normal body shape. Unlike other sports, yoga is a comprehensive system that embraces body, brain, and spirit. Yoga is the foundation of other sports. Many sports stars such as Barry Zito and Eddie George, etc., use yoga to maintain the best physical condition. The most valuable player in the NBA Grey Wolf team Knight, must practice yoga breathing and concentration before every game. Yoga exercises are not incompatible with other sports and can also increase the effect of other sports.

The 6, giving a kind of power from the heart

After a period of training from the inside out, from outside to inside, people will be surprised to find that when the weight is reduced by a few kilograms, the mentality is already very different. Most women practice yoga in order to seek a more perfect figure. They also care about the beauty of gestures when performing actions. However, men do not pay much attention to the beauty of the movements, but they can better understand the essence of yoga cultivation and self-cultivation. Although the flexibility of yoga in the initial stage is very important, but the more difficult to achieve the action, the higher the demand for strength, many actions are almost impossible for women to complete, and men can easily complete.

Do men often practice yoga? What are the benefits of men practicing yoga? What are the postures of men practicing yoga?

Suitable for male yoga poses

1, butterfly type

Action: Sit down, bend your feet, and move your left and right feet close together. Hold the ankles with your hands and lean forward until you touch the ground. Take a deep breath three times, relying on the strength of your waist.

Function: let the mood slowly calm down.

The 2, boat type

Action: Keep your legs straight and straight on the mat. Keep your back straight and put your hands on your side. Inhale, legs straight out of the ground about 45 degrees, the back straight, open chest, head stretched upward. Exhale, hold your hands flat. The abdomen and thighs must be tightened. Face relax, shoulders relax, eye Look at the toes. Maintain even breathing for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Function: Strengthen the balance of the body, strengthen the back; tighten the abdomen, reduce excess abdominal fat, strengthen abdominal muscle strength; promote intestinal peristalsis, improve digestive function; enhance prostate , kidney function, improve sexual ability.

3, camel type

Action: legs and shoulders with the width of the armpits, hands grasping the ankle, the body was bowed; hips forward, the legs should be perpendicular to the ground; deep breathing three times, slowly by the waist up.

Function: Strengthen the strength of the spine and caudal vertebrae to relieve back pain. (Reference website: Family doctor online)

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