Crude male legs ugly 6 Ways to stovepipe

In our lives, we often see that there are boys who have legs and legs. Do you know what causes the boys to have thick legs? How can boys do stovepipe?

What are the reasons for male thick legs? How to do thick legs

What are the causes of thick legs?

1, sedentary

It takes a whole day to sit on a chair, and it is difficult to lose weight in the lower body. When sitting, the groin (the starting point of both feet) is oppressed, and blood flow and lymph circulation are trapped.

2. Lunch is solved at the desk every day

Lunch time is the only opportunity for people working in the field to get out of the house. If you bring your own lunch each day, or buy bread from the convenience store to eat, it will further lengthen the time sitting on the seat.

3, rarely go to the bathroom

In order to love beauty, comply with many Drink water The guidelines, but if you sit down all day, as the basal metabolism becomes lower, the number of visits to the bathroom will also decrease. If the water is much more drunk, seldom going to the bathroom will cause lower body edema and it will slowly turn into fat.

4, often two legs

Many people, both at home and in the office, can't help but tilt his legs. If you sit on your knees for a whole day, it will hinder the blood and lymph circulation in the legs and cause swelling in the lower body. Do not do edema care, such as massage, the veins of the lower extremities will gradually become prominent, seriously affecting the lower body circulation, resulting in thickening of fat, even the muscles will be stiff.

What are the reasons for male thick legs? How to do thick legs

The The quickest way to stovepipe

1, beat the thigh

The best way to get a thick leg is to get our legs to perform proper exercises. Frequent tapping can tighten the flesh and beat thin thighs for a sedentary office crowd. Make a fist with both hands and tap the thigh to beat the slightest sound. This helps drain excess moisture from your legs.

2, body bridge

We can carry out this exercise on the bed during the rest of the evening. It can also help us to effectively alleviate the problem of leg thickening. Lying down, bending our knees, separating our feet, aligning with our hips, putting a pillow between our knees. Ball or body-building wheel. The body arches and forms a bridge. Keep the ribs aligned with the pelvis. Do not raise or lower the pelvis and slowly squeeze the pillow 20 times. Lower the pelvis position, knees to the chest to create a rounded shape, let the back relax.

3, deep lean stovepipe

Deeply believe that everyone should be familiar with, we also know that the deep squat will make our legs very tired, but it is because of tiredness will appear effective, legs slightly wider than the shoulders, legs upright, squat, repeated movements . The tip of the toes is slightly wider forward than the shoulder and the legs are erect. During exercise, the body is as straight as possible. The waist and abdomen are straight, and the thighs are parallel to the floor and the hips are in front of the bottom. Pick up your thighs and buttocks, keep your arms akimbo or lift your balance. Bottled drinking water, books, sandbags and other items can be carried.

What are the reasons for male thick legs? How to do thick legs

4, shallow shoulders

Combine your legs, stand straight, bend your elbows, raise your arms to shoulder height, and keep dumbbells next to your ears. Bend your knees and squat until the buttocks position is toward the back as if you were sitting in a chair. Keep your legs close together. Focus on the heel. When he was kneeling, his arms crossed over his head and he was in a parallel position. Restore to the initial position, heel squat, elbows bent, lower the position of the dumbbell again to the shoulder.

5, standing after meals

Many people watch TV on the sofa after eating a meal. They do not know that it is easy to build up fat on the inner thighs, waist and buttocks. For a perfect body curve, you can stand for half an hour after a meal or go for a walk. This is very beneficial to the shaping of the leg curves.

6, knee flexion

The support supports are upright, the legs are lifted outwards, and the legs are alternated. Keep the body and support legs straight, straighten the waist and abdomen to tighten the buttocks, the exercise leg thighs parallel to the ground, the calf perpendicular to the ground, outreach to the thigh muscles and hip muscles tight. (Reference website: Minfu Kang)

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