Does exercising abdominal muscles lead to low growth?

At present, most of us are in Asia. health The status of most people is relatively weak in their physique and physical fitness, and their own body defense capabilities are relatively weak. In this state, it is relatively easy to cause the human body to suffer from some disease . So most people started to advocate that they should exercise more work out In order to enhance their physical fitness, prevention Some diseases occur. Many teenagers are more concerned about their appearance, so many will want to exercise their own abdominal muscles, then there will be questions, young people exercise abdominal muscles will affect their height development? For this question, let's take a look at Xiaobian's introduction to exercise and height.

Does exercising your abdominal muscles lead to poor growth? Are young adults suitable for training their abdominal muscles?

Practice abdominal muscles will affect the height?

When the human body carries out normal exercise, it will promote the energy consumption and fat of the body. Then, under the long-term exercise, it will effectively strengthen the strength of its own muscles, and finally reach the effect of eight abdominal muscles. However, if the intensity of this type of exercise exceeds the range that it can tolerate, resulting in excessive fatigue of its own muscles and bones, excessive consumption of energy in muscles and bones, then muscles are very prone to strain. In cases of tearing, cramps, soreness, etc., the bones of the body are excessively consumed due to energy and nutrients, and they have not been supplemented in a timely manner. This will affect the normal development and function of the skeleton, and the adolescents are in the age range of bone development. Affecting the development of the skeleton, of course, will also lead to situations that affect the development of height, appearing in a condition of low growth, short stature but strong muscles.

Therefore, in view of this situation, young people should not be eager to achieve success, and excessive exercise of abdominal muscles, especially some high-intensity exercises, should be reduced even more.

Does exercising your abdominal muscles lead to poor growth? Are young adults suitable for training their abdominal muscles?

Is it suitable for young people to practice abdominal muscles?

For exercise, it is good for the human body, so it is necessary to say that proper exercise, but for young people are in the development stage, so the intensity of exercise should not be too large, more suitable for mild exercise intensity, The same is true for abdominal exercises.

If you carry out some high-intensity exercise exercises from an early age, the potential of squeezing the body, it is very easy to destroy the body's growth hormone, resulting in reduced secretion of growth hormone, thus affecting the normal skeletal development and height growth, there is not a long case It's normal.

Therefore, teenagers can choose to exercise their own abdominal muscles, but they must control the intensity and rhythm of their own exercise, and exercise time can not be too long, excessive physical exertion and squeeze their own potential, so as to better Promote the development of your own bones.

Does exercising your abdominal muscles lead to poor growth? Are young adults suitable for training their abdominal muscles?

What kind of exercise for young people to exercise abdominal muscles?

For youngsters are in the stage of growth and development, so the intensity of exercise should not be strong, otherwise long-term high-intensity exercise will have a great impact on the development of their own bones, resulting in horizontal bone growth.

However, suitable intensity exercise will enhance the physical, physical, and physical aspects of the belt to bring along a healthy development direction. Therefore, when adolescents exercise, they must pay attention to the intensity of exercise and control the rhythm of good exercise.

When youngsters choose to exercise their abdominal muscles, they can choose light weight sports such as skipping, playing basketball, pull-ups, sit-ups, and crunches. ( 99 Health Network ( Zhuangao, if you need to reprint, please indicate the source.

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