Running often helps us remove acne

Exercise is a very good Health care There are many common forms of exercise, but there is one type of exercise that everyone has done. That is running. There are many benefits of running for us. Recently, Xiao Bian heard that running can help us get rid of acne. Is this really true? Let's take a look at the following Xiaobian.

What are the benefits of running? Can you run acne? What should you watch for running?

Whether running can acne

The answer is yes. The principle of running acne is very simple, because running will cause us to sweat, which will allow us to remove toxins from the body through the sweat. The cause of Zhangdou is basically caused by too much toxin in the body, so when the two are combined, we know that running can actually help us to get rid of acne. But one thing that needs to be understood is that running is not the main reason for getting rid of acne. The main reason is that the sweat that we run during running is playing acne.

The benefits of running

Lose weight

The main reason why many people run is because they want to lose weight, because no one wants to have a plump figure, so they will choose to run this simple rhyme to consume calories and fat through exercise to lose weight. effect.

What are the benefits of running? Can you run acne? What should you watch for running?

Prevent bone degeneration

Our skeleton is a main support for the human body, and studies have shown that people who often sit in front of computers have relatively weak bones, and those who often run have their own bones. work out Will become more health There will be no bone degradation, so running can also prevent bone degradation. prevention Osteoporosis.

Improve physical fitness

When we are running, all of our body's organs are in motion, not only promoting blood circulation, but also exercising our vital capacity. Studies have shown that people who run frequently have very good physical fitness and that their chances of getting sick are very low.

Become more confident

Running every day will slowly increase the length. In this time, we slowly increase the difficulty and accomplish the goal, it will make us more confident, and this confidence will allow us to do other things, will change Have more confidence.

What are the benefits of running? Can you run acne? What should you watch for running?

Running notes

Head and shoulders should be stable

When we are running, the head and shoulders play a stable position. Do not shake your head. This will not cause you to feel dizzy because of running.

Straight body

When running, the body should be straight, so that our breathing will be in a relatively smooth condition and its blood circulation will not be hindered.

Front and rear swing arms

When we are walking, there is basically a situation where the arm swings, and when it is running, so don't deliberately control the movement of our swing arm so that it will be comfortable to run. ( 99 Health Network ( Zhuangao, if you need to reprint, please indicate the source. )

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