Four causes of foot acid after exercise

In daily life, some people have less leisure time and want to exercise. At this time, some people will choose to go to the stairs. When they go to work or if they live in high-level homes, they climb stairs. Kind of good choice. People who work on high floors can choose to climb stairs to the company in the morning, but they can also choose to climb stairs to their own home after work, so that they can save a lot of time and achieve the effect of sports. However, there are some people who have leg soreness after climbing stairs. What happened? What caused it? How can I solve this kind of foot acid? symptom What? Here's a quick look at Xiaobian.

What are the causes of sore feet after exercise? Why do you get sore feet after exercise?

Excessive exercise

Because there are some people, when they choose to climb stairs, because the floors are too high, and their physical loads cannot bear the high-level sports, muscle cramps, muscle tissue, or fibers are damaged. Because most of the stairs are muscles in the legs, muscle soreness in the legs occurs.

However, the symptoms of foot sore usually improve slowly and disappear after 3-4 days of human self-repair.

Therefore, the people who choose to climb stairs to exercise are also required to pay attention to their own body's load, that is, to do what they can do. Don't insist on hard support. If muscles are pulled up, it is not good to deal with it. It will be longer.

What are the causes of sore feet after exercise? Why do you get sore feet after exercise?

The Do not warm up

For people who exercise regularly, they usually know that before exercise, they must perform some warm-up exercises, so that their own muscles, joints, ligaments and other parts must first be active, thus reducing some of the muscle strain, muscle spasms and other symptoms Symptoms appear.

However, many people do not have the habit of doing warm-up exercises before exercise. They will directly climb the stairs, resulting in foot sourness.

So before you choose to climb stairs, you must first perform adequate warm-up exercises and you need to be ready to add strength and energy. food , such as who, carbohydrates, etc., this can extend the time of their own exercise.

What are the causes of sore feet after exercise? Why do you get sore feet after exercise?

Excessive fatigue

When the human body is in an over-fatigue state, the internal body and energy in the body are very little, and the movement is performed in this state. work out It is very easy to cause adverse effects, resulting in muscle soreness, muscle strains, muscle spasms and other symptoms.

So before the human body chooses to exercise, it is best to keep itself in a state of the best, so as to guarantee the effect of exercise and promote the human body. health development of.

lack of training

Because climbing stairs is also a relatively physical exercise, and some people who are usually lack of exercise suddenly join this kind of high-consumption running stairs. Their muscles will not be able to adapt to this change, and this is very easy to cause. Abnormal muscle performance, manifested in the case of soreness, cramps and so on.

Therefore, for those people who lack exercise regularly, when they choose to climb stairs, they should not choose floors that are too high, start slowly from low floors, and increase one or two floors per day. This will not cause muscles to occur. The situation is sore. ( 99 Health Network ( Zhuangao, if you need to reprint, please indicate the source.

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