How to detect is not bad breath Recommend three methods

The The for Bad breath , I believe there are many people who have had, especially for some male For your own Mouth If you have bad breath, it is very easy to be female If you are single, you will find it difficult to follow your girlfriend. Men in love are also likely to cause love failure because of bad breath, so male friends must pay attention to their bad breath and quickly remove bad breath. symptom . So how to remove bad breath? The following Xiao Bian will teach you some methods and techniques to remove bad breath.

How to detect bad breath How to remove bad breath How to remove bad breath

The How to detect bad breath?

For bad breath, most people will know that they have bad breath, but there are a small number of people are more difficult to find their own with bad breath, so how to detect whether they have bad breath is very important, the following small series for the introduction Several simple detection methods.

The 1, hand-masking

You can use your own hands to cover your mouth and nose, and then exhale, it is possible to smell the other smell from the mouth and if there is, to prove that they have bad breath of.

2, friend identification

As to whether or not there is bad breath, the relatives and friends around you have the right to speak. You can determine whether you have bad breath by asking your loved ones and friends.

The 2, professional nasal measurement

If you can't determine whether you have bad breath through the above two methods, you can use professional nasal testing to detect this method is also more objective, professional and accurate method.

How to detect bad breath How to remove bad breath How to remove bad breath

This professional nose tester passed hospital The professional halitosis doctor to identify, there will be a normal assessment criteria.

The How to remove bad breath?

Always clean the mouth

For the cause of halitosis, many people are caused by their unwillingness to brush their teeth to clean their mouths. Therefore, in daily life, they should pay more attention to the cleanliness of the mouth, the habit of taking care of mouthwash after eating, and to the teeth It is also often cleaned because the teeth are very easy to remain in the teeth food Residues, long-term accumulation is also more likely to cause symptoms of bad breath.

For brushing teeth, morning and evening are the habit of brushing your teeth. If necessary, you can also choose to brush your teeth every morning, evening and evening, which is more conducive to oral cleaning, so that it is more effective. prevention Bad breath occurs.

The Rose tea to bad breath

How to detect bad breath How to remove bad breath How to remove bad breath

For some people with severe bad breath, you can also choose to use rose tea in your daily life to remove bad breath, because the rose tea not only has the smell of fragrant, but also has a certain degree of sterilization effect Therefore, it can be used as a good breath freshener.

Osmanthus green tea to bad breath

In the case of having bad breath, in the daily life, you can also choose to drink sweet-scented osmanthus green tea to eliminate the symptoms of bad breath, because sweet-scented osmanthus green tea not only has a strong aroma, but some substances in green tea also have anti-bacterial effects. A good fresh breath can also help eliminate some of the harmful bacteria in the mouth.

The Salt water gargle to bad breath

The reason why some people suffer from bad breath is caused by self-ignition, so this time you can choose to drink salt water to gargle, not only can effectively help to remove the symptoms of bad breath, but also can help clear The fire in the mouth can also relieve some of the symptoms of toothache and gum bleeding. It is a simple and effective method. ( 99 health ( Zhuangao, if you need to reprint, please indicate the source. )

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