8 Benefits of Sit-ups for Men

Nowadays society is absolutely an era of looking at the body male Maybe it doesn't work well, but a good figure also greatly enhances his charisma value. So every man must start looking for a fitness method that suits himself! Sit-ups are the most basic and most suitable method for men's fitness. Not affected by the environment and the weather, a very popular fitness method. Take a look at the benefits of crunches!

What are the benefits of sit-ups? What are the benefits of men practicing sit-ups?

8 Benefits of Men Doing Sit-ups

1. Relieve the spermatorrhea symptom

Statistics show that 80% to 90% health Unmarried men have one or two spermatorrheas each month. However, if the number of spermatorrhea is too frequent and reaches five times per month and continues to occur, or if there is frequent occurrence of nocturnal emission after a regular sex life, consideration should be given to treatment Otherwise it may bring nerve system, Sexual dysfunction And other issues.

Treatment of frequent spermatorrhea, you can use sit-ups. This is because the two arms straight up and do sit-ups work out Pelvic tissue can improve the function of internal organs and alleviate the status of nocturnal emission.

2. Improve your physiological function

Sit-ups play an important role in developing balance and support. It can improve the central nervous system, has a solid pelvis, flexible joints, strong ligaments, thick and elastic muscles, and can accelerate blood circulation, increase lung capacity, promote growth and development, and increase exercise capacity.

3. Increase the power of abdominal muscles

This, I believe, we all know that in the process of sit-ups, the abdominal muscles “tighten” and “compress” and use more force. Long-term exercise can greatly increase the strength of the abdomen and make the muscle groups more developed. One of the effective ways of muscles, and with other aerobic exercise, it can play its role in both weight loss and bodybuilding, and simple sit-ups can not consume fat better.

4 can lose weight fitness and exercise groin

Sit-up is a way to develop trunk muscle strength and extensibility. It can exercise abdominal muscles well. The tightening of abdominal muscles can better protect the organs in the abdomen and stimulate the groin while exercising the abdominal muscles. Improve the abdominal blood circulation, and can stretch the muscles of the north, can be balanced and coordination can be exercised, long-term exercise can be very good to achieve the effect of weight loss and fitness, and can enhance their immunity.

What are the benefits of sit-ups? What are the benefits of men practicing sit-ups?

5. Sit-ups perseverance exercise

Sit-ups are definitely a sport that can exercise your perseverance, because although the amount of exercise for a sit-up is not great, it takes a daily adherence and maintains a certain exercise frequency to achieve results, which is not an easy task. Things to do, so the more simple the sport is to test a person's perseverance, only perseverance can be successful. Do you have perseverance to persevere everyday?

The 6. Conducive to gastrointestinal movement

Because when you are doing sit-ups, you need to coordinate your breathing, so it can continuously stimulate the motility of the gastrointestinal tract during exercise, help to expel dirt from the body, and clear the air in the gastrointestinal tract. It is very good. prevention constipation happened.

7. Adjust the central nervous system and maintain body

Sit-ups are a more comprehensive form of exercise that stretches the back muscles, ligaments, and spine, which is a good way to regulate the central nervous system. It can exercise well: triceps muscles, abdominal muscles, back muscles, pectoralis major muscles and other muscle groups. Regular push-ups can extend the shoulders, strengthen the big arms, lower abdomen, chest muscles, and make your body more symmetrical and upright. There are also many ways to exercise push-ups. The key is to decide on different exercises.

8. Improve physical fitness and promote health

Regular exercise for sit-ups is beneficial to physical and mental development. It can regulate people's psychology, make people energetic, play a strong body, cultivate sentiment, exercise will, and prolong life.

What are the benefits of sit-ups? What are the benefits of men practicing sit-ups?

Mistakes in sit-ups


Some people do not have time to go to the gym to exercise, will choose to do some basic and effective simple exercise methods at home to exercise, hoping to achieve the role of weight loss. Sit-ups are a way many people choose, and many people think that if they insist on doing it, they will be able to lose weight.

Error correction: simply relying on sit-ups can only achieve local fitness effects, because sit-ups are directly targeted at the abdominal muscles. The effect of long-term exercise may strengthen the abdominal muscles, but other parts of the body, such as thighs, buttocks, etc. There is less exercise. Therefore, the first point to pay attention to is to effectively combine the sit-ups and other fitness methods in order to achieve the body's perfect weight loss.

Misunderstanding two

Usually, many people do sit-ups fast and fiercely, thinking that this is a manifestation of strengthening abdominal muscles. In fact, doing so can easily strain the abdominal muscles.

Error Correction: The correct approach is to hold your arms across your chest and control your abdominal muscles when you sit up. Or increase the difficulty, holding heavy objects in both hands to increase the effect of exercise.

Misunderstanding three

When many people do sit-ups on the way, the body will unnaturally drift in one direction. This is wrong. It will make the abdominal muscles work out unevenly and make you fit.

Error correction: You should try to control the direction of lying and starting, do not deviate from the straight line, and the speed should be slowed down to exercise the control of the abdominal muscles. It is best to feel the movement of the abdominal muscles when you get up.

Misunderstanding four

Some people think that the slower the sit-ups are, the more exercise effects they have.

Error Correction: Properly slowing the speed is helpful for training, but if the speed is too slow, the effect is not good. The most correct speed should be faster and the speed of going down should be slower. This works best.

Misunderstanding 5

Most people do sit-ups and put their hands behind their heads, crossing their fingers. (holding the head)

Error Correction: This is the biggest misunderstanding of sit-ups. There are even some physical education teachers teaching students. This is completely misleading. Such a gesture will have a burden on the cervical spine. The harder you hold your head, the greater the load. The correct method is to place the two hands in two ears and then in the inner side (approximately halfway between the back of the head and the back of the head), and the two hands are only gently placed there. Do not use too much force. (Reference site: Health Health Network)

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