Drinking wine, anti-aging, how men drink, do not hurt

Now people will do grape Wine, do it yourself health It's delicious! There are many benefits to drinking wine. The men who taste wine are the most attractive. What are the benefits of drinking wine for men?

What are the benefits of wine for men? What are the effects of wine? How does wine not hurt?

The Wine nourishes the five dirty

Yin and Yang Five Elements is one of the theoretical foundations of traditional Chinese medicine. There are gold, wood, water, fire, and earth in the natural world. The human body corresponds to the heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys. Because people are part of nature, people also have to follow the laws of yin and yang.

The variety of wines is rich in nutrition. It has a nourishing effect on the five organs and six organs. The normal control and regulation in the human body depends on the lung's severance function. The "Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic" believes that the essence of what people eat comes first to the lungs, and the lungs then transfer these substances to the internal organs and limbs to benefit people. Kidney is even more important. Because the kidney is hidden, it is the essence, blood, and vitality of human beings. Essence is equivalent to the nutrients and the most essential things in blood. Blood sends these essences to all parts of the body. The importance of vitality becomes clearer, and you have to live with vitality. The three organs of the spleen, lung, and kidney regulate the entire body and control the quality and delivery of blood.

In the five organs, the kidney is the root of yang, and the spleen is the source of yang's biochemistry. People of this constitution drink wine can achieve qi, blood, mood adjustment, ease nerve Weak, anti-fatigue effect. especially female Drinking wine for a long time can be eliminated Palace cold Problems.

The Changyin wine benefits

Drinking red wine often has many advantages that can delay aging. prevention Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, prevention cancer Beauty beauty. The latter is the latter most concerned by women. The red wine grapes contain super antioxidants in the pulp. The SOD neutralizes the free radicals produced by the body, protects cells and organs from oxidation, and restores skin's whitening and luster. The SOD activity of red wine extraction is particularly high and its antioxidant function is much higher than that obtained directly from grapes. Grape is rich in nutrients polyphenols, its anti-aging ability is 50 times that of vitamin E, is 25 times that of vitamin C, while the low concentration of acid in red wine has the role of anti-wrinkle cleansing.

What are the benefits of wine for men? What are the effects of wine? How does wine not hurt?

Grapes of different colors have different functions, among which black grapes are grapes traditional Chinese medicine The highest efficiency. Grapes and grapes have different main functions, but they can soften blood vessels together, benefit cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health, and can also preserve liver and kidney, delay aging and so on. Red wine utilizes the principle that resveratrol and other substances can only be dissolved in alcohol, so that all the nutrition in the grapes can be directly absorbed and utilized by the body.

The Traditional Chinese medicine Health care Vary from person to person

No matter what the constitutional person, eating fruit is the best way to supplement nutrition. However, everyone may find that when they mention fruits, they first eat apples. This is because apples are flat and neither cold nor hot, and people of all constitutions can eat. In fact, grapes are far more valuable than apples and they have diseases. treatment Effect. And the grapes are even. No matter if you are yang or yin deficiency, anyone with any physique can eat it. The most important feature of the grape is to infuse the spleen, lungs and kidneys, nourish the liver and kidney, and not be affected by the cold and heat. The four seasons can be tonic, so the entire body will benefit. Red wine brewed with grapes ensures that people can drink it every day. The method is simple. Wine is undoubtedly the best health drink in this era. It can not only clean the garbage in the blood vessels, stay away from the three heights, resist aging, but also regulate the mood and balance the mood.

The How to drink does not hurt

The 1. Drinking should be slow.

What are the benefits of wine for men? What are the effects of wine? How does wine not hurt?

"Whenever you want to drink, you don't want to be quick, but fast will break through the lungs. The lungs are the canals of the five internal organs, and the solids are not to be damaged. The damage is more. 12. The hustle and bustle 7. Do not squat 15. The people's catastrophe H 艋 纭 纭 琊帷 琊帷 7. 琊帷 10 (10) 逯 逯 逯 逯 爰芍 H爰芍 艋 缛 ┪锝 涣钌踝怼 涣钌踝怼 涣钌踝怼 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30-120

The concentration of ethanol in blood reaches its peak at minute. When you drink fast, the concentration of ethanol in your blood rises quickly, and you will soon get drunk.

The 2. Drinking should be warm.

"Don't ask for breakfast, you often eat warm wine. If the winter months, but kill the cold only, do not bitter heat, heat that hurt the heart and lungs. All diets do not want to eat hot, not alone hot wine ears." Wine should be hot to help stomach .

The 3. Drink fasting.

Fasting drinking, fast absorption of alcohol, people are prone to drunk; and fasting to drink on the gastrointestinal tract damage, easily lead to stomach bleeding, stomach ulcers, the best prevention is to drink oily food, or drink milk, before drinking, Use the non-digestible properties of fat in food to protect the stomach to prevent alcohol from penetrating the stomach wall. (Reference site: Wenkang male)

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