Men drinking green tea actually have these 6 effects

Now many male Do not like to choose to drink tea, are more like to choose to drink a variety of drinks, then, everyone knows how much tea, can know what are the benefits of drinking green tea?

Why do men drink green tea What are the benefits of drinking green tea Can you drink green tea on an empty stomach?

What are the benefits of drinking green tea?

1, can lose weight

Speaking of this issue, many men are surely concerned about this problem. In fact, drinking green tea can be a weight loss. After a lot of experiments confirmed that: if a person often drink green tea can reduce the fat effect, which will make your body light, you can digest fat, make you thin.

2, extend the life

Our ultimate dream I want to be long-lived, especially now that men are also thinking that they can live longer. This is also a lot of people. Health care s reason. Drinking tea can help longevity. Tea not only has the protein and various amino acids that the body needs. At the same time, it is a master of vitamins, vitamins A, C and E all have. These are the essential elements of anti-aging, so it is difficult to drink tea without longevity.

3, can prevent cancer

A number of studies have shown that green tea contains certain ingredients that can fight cancer cells and play a role in cancer prevention.

Why do men drink green tea What are the benefits of drinking green tea Can you drink green tea on an empty stomach?

4, can be anti-virus sterilization

The benefits associated with drinking green tea have been documented long ago. If a person often feels thirsty, headache, or fatigue, this time he can drink a cup of green tea, which can be well alleviated. These ones symptom , And help eliminate bacteria in the body.

5, clear Bad breath

Green tea contains fluorine, and catechins can inhibit the fungus and reduce the incidence of plaque and periodontitis. And the tannic acid contained in the tea has a certain bactericidal effect and can prevent food Slag propagation bacteria, so you can avoid the phenomenon of bad breath.

The 6, help digestion

Do you know why many people are chatting with each other after dinner? That's because drinking tea allows us to quickly digest the food in our body while protecting the gastric mucosa from harm. Some people in the south have developed the habit of drinking tea after meals.

Why do men drink green tea What are the benefits of drinking green tea Can you drink green tea on an empty stomach?

Do not drink green tea on fasting

Green tea is a non-fermented tea that retains much of the natural material in fresh leaves, including tea polyphenols, coffee Alkali can retain more than 85% of fresh leaves. The ingredients in green tea are effective for anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-cancer, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, etc., which is unmatched by other teas. However, it is also these natural ingredients that, if consumed on an empty stomach, have an adverse effect on the human body. On an empty stomach, some of the active substances in the tea bind to the proteins in the stomach, causing irritation to the stomach, which can easily hurt the stomach.

In addition to stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract, drinking tea on an empty stomach will also dilute the digestive juice and affect digestion. At the same time, when fasting, some of the tea's contents are easily absorbed in excess, such as caffeine and fluoride. Caffeine can cause symptoms such as palpitation, dizziness, weakness in the hands and feet, and convulsions in some people. It is medically known as the phenomenon of “tea intoxication”. Once the phenomenon of tea drunk occurs, you can eat a piece of sugar or drink a cup of sugar water. The above symptoms can be relieved and disappear. If fluoride accumulates in the body, it may cause intestinal problems disease , affecting kidney function.

Older people with stomach and duodenal ulcers are even less likely to drink green tea on an empty stomach in the morning. The tannic acid in tea stimulates the gastrointestinal mucosa, leading to aggravation of the disease and possibly indigestion. constipation . (Reference website: Family doctor online)

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