Six principles that men must follow to lose weight while running

In ancient times, only running fast and running longer to get more prey, they can also be safe. Running is an aerobic exercise that can effectively enhance our heart and lung function, increase the body's metabolism and physical sensitivity, and it can also increase our willpower and regulate body fat. There are many night races now, indicating that more and more people are beginning to join the sport. So do you know the principle of running slimming?

What do men have to pay attention to when running? How to run What are the benefits of running?

Running weight 6 principles

Article 1: Running needs to be gradual

Running needs to be gradual, and many people prefer to run for 5 kilometers or 10 kilometers from the start. Even if they feel unwell, they still refuse to stop. If you are running white, if you want to finish 5 kilometers of running, you can try to start from brisk walking, and then go for a quick walk of 2 kilometers and 3 kilometers of alternating running, and then jog for 5 kilometers. This will allow your body to gradually adapt to the intensity of the exercise and will not cause you sports injuries.

Article 2: Running shoes is very important

It is no exaggeration to say that the most cost-effective of all sports during running is because you don't need to buy a racket or pay for the venue, you can run anywhere, anytime. It's important to buy a pair of shoes. Don't just wear a pair of your skateboard or basketball shoes and go out to run. You should choose a pair of running shoes or multi-functional training shoes. The special design will not only reduce the damage to the knee during running, but it will also reduce your long time. Tiredness and discomfort during running.

Article 3: Drink enough water to run again

When running, it is also very important to add enough water. if not Drink water When you run, you will feel thirsty. At this time, you think about drinking water again, indicating that your body is already in a state of water shortage. In this case, you may not be able to run completely, especially in the summer, because of your The body can't stand it at all.

Article IV: Avoid fasting to run

If you are trying to lose weight, you may be hungry and running with Venus, but this is very stupid, because you are probably halfway up. First of all, it can cause hypoglycemia. You may faint in the middle of the road and it will also greatly increase your cardiovascular activity. disease Onset. If you want to go straight to the gym after work, make sure to eat something in between.

What do men have to pay attention to when running? How to run What are the benefits of running?

Article 5: Warm-up before running is necessary

The purpose of warm-up is to prepare the body for a slight increase in body temperature, increase the temperature of muscles, increase heart rate, and accelerate blood circulation. nerve Functional wake-up, warm-up mode can be easy running, warm-up time is not specified, usually 8-10 minutes is the basic time, if the temperature is lower warm-up time will stretch until the body slightly sweating.

Article 6: Running requires Endurance

Do not pursue endurance and distance blindly. Running is in fact the training of physical fitness. You may need to do some muscle training because it will increase your speed and endurance. work out The method of muscle is very simple, and it is simple and effective to pick up and leapfrog. Exercise your running endurance and it will last long in the long run.

The The benefits of running

1. Saying goodbye to bloated body

Many people start running because they lose weight, running is the best way to lose weight, and running burns more calories per minute than other sports.

2. Prevent your bones, muscles from deteriorating

Our bones are in harmony with your body's needs. We sat in front of the monitor for a long time and made our bones more and more fragile. And long-term, regular exercise will keep your bones health . Furthermore, it is to prevent the aging of our body from becoming faster. Regular high-intensity exercises, such as running, have been shown to promote the growth of hormones. Hormones are celebrities that continue to inject drugs in order to look younger.

What do men have to pay attention to when running? How to run What are the benefits of running?

3. Resist disease

Running can reduce stroke and Breast cancer risks of. Regular running has become a doctor for osteoporosis that is prone to cause or is already in early stages, diabetes Hypertensive patients treatment Suggest.

4. Maintain and improve the overall body level

Running is the best exercise for people to take. It can increase cholesterol, reduce the risk of blood clots, and exercise your 50% of the often idle lungs. Running can also enhance your immunity by increasing your lymphocytes.

5. Make you more confident

Jogging, like other solo exercises, can increase your self-confidence. Running allows you to try again and again to make you stronger and more confident. He allows you to truly cross a certain mountain and pass through some obstacles. As you realize that your body has grown stronger and more useful, you will feel empowered and free. Self-confidence is also a valuable asset for runners who successfully lose weight through running and get their ideal body.

6. Relax yourself and reduce stress

Jogging can divert Nie attention and bathe in the scenery beside the road. Your troubles will disappear. Long-distance running is suitable for those who are in a pile of headaches and annoying annoying things. Is there a better idea than clearing your mind and soothing your nerves in a two-hour long run? If you feel abnormally depressed at this time, why not run it quickly, then you will be in a good mood. (Reference site: 39 Health care Church)

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