It is good to exercise abdominal muscles in these 4 time periods

With a proud chest is many female friend dream Assiduous, and for male For a friend, the strong abdominal muscles are the proud capital, of course work out Abdominal muscle timing is also very important, let's take a look at the best time to exercise abs!

How to exercise abdominal muscles When to exercise abdominal muscles How to exercise abdominal muscles

The best time to exercise abdominal muscles

The best time to exercise your abdominal muscles is from 3pm to 5pm, because this time is the best moment for human hormones, strength, and various reactions. The body has the strongest coordination ability, especially the heart rate and the blood pressure are relatively stable. work out. Some studies have found that high-intensity exercise can be performed within two hours after a meal, moderate exercise should be scheduled for one hour after a meal, and mild exercise should be performed most reasonably after half an hour. If you are an office worker, you can also choose to exercise for a few time periods:

Morning hours: morning until breakfast before 5: 30--6: 30.

Morning hours: 2 hours after breakfast to 9:00 - 10:30 before lunch.

Afternoon session: 2 hours after lunch to 14:00 - 17:00 before dinner.

Evening hours: 2 hours after dinner to bedtime 19: 00--21: 00.

Tips: Because the abdominal muscles are different from other parts of the muscle, you can't do it by training in other parts of the training mode, because the abdominal muscles are the most difficult to train, the most adaptable, and the fastest recovery. Muscle, so his training mode should be special. Under normal circumstances, at least to maintain training about 3 times a week, this frequency is considered to be the average frequency, the recommended training frequency is 3 to 4 times a week to practice, if you can restore a strong ability to practice every day.

How to exercise abdominal muscles When to exercise abdominal muscles How to exercise abdominal muscles

Exercise abdominal exercise


Lying on the floor, the calf rests on the long board, and the shoulder slowly falls back to the ground when it is restored. The abdominal muscles are always tight. When doing this exercise, many people like to put their hands behind their heads, but when they sit up, they just pull their heads forward. It does not help to practice the abdominal muscles. It is different if you put your fists on your chest.

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5 times on each side, then 4 times, decreasing until 1 time. Each arm needs to take a rest when changing weight. Hold a dumbbell in your left hand. Your left knee bends to the floor and your feet lie flat on the floor. Your right leg is straight and your right arm is 45 degrees to the right. Now raise your torso off the ground and keep your left arm straight up above your head, then stand up. Reverse movement, return to the ground.

How to exercise abdominal muscles When to exercise abdominal muscles How to exercise abdominal muscles

Alice leg crunches

This is a high-level action that can practice abdominal and lower abdomen at the same time. Sit on the ground, right leg bent and picked up, the lower leg parallel to the ground. Then left knee on the right knee, his hands gently head, abdominal contraction to pick up the upper body. At the same time, the buttocks lifted and started to sit up. During the restoration, the shoulders are not touchable and the buttocks are slowly lowered so that the abdominal muscles are always in a state of tight contraction. After doing so, change the left leg to do the same action.

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Train abdominal oblique muscles. Supine, knees and legs folded aside. Put the leg on one side of the leg flat stretch. Open your fingers. The other arm is elbow and the hand is gently supported on the head. When you sit up, your trunk must not be rotated, pick up directly, and your legs must not move. The abdomen is completely tightened and the shoulders do not touch the ground during restoration. Then do the same thing on the other side. (Reference site: kiss baby network)

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