Men’s fitness should pay attention to what these errors do not commit

The company is located in: The company is located in: Many men like to exercise, whenever and wherever they want, they will want to soak in the gym. However, fitness should not be carried out blindly. For men, some fitness errors should not be committed.

Men should pay attention to what fitness What are the errors in fitness?

The company is located in: Fitness is not limited to the morning

Many men like to get up early to go for a morning run or do some fitness exercises. Not only do they help to wake up, but they also have the energy for the whole day, but it does not mean that the time for fitness is only in the morning. The best fitness time is you can always go work out time. If evening time is more suitable for you, then you go night, but if you can do it in the morning, then you will exercise in the morning. It can be any time.

The company is located in: Fat in the body is not completely converted to muscle

Many people think that some fitness programs can convert excess body fat into muscle, but this idea is completely done in the daytime. dream . Basically, these two are completely different concepts. Have you ever seen that water can be converted into oil? Some people think that most of it is because after you slim down, muscles will look more like before. , but it is not a so-called conversion result. If you want to lose fat, it is best to start from the diet.

Men should pay attention to what fitness What are the errors in fitness?

The company is located in: Aerobic exercise is fully capable of exercising the brain

Many people think that no matter what type of fitness program they are, they can only exercise their own physical fitness, and they have nothing to do with the brain power. But this is the wrong idea. Some movements that can really make you move or even accelerate your heart. If you insist on it, you can exercise your brain completely.

The company is located in: Fitness should insist instead of seeing strength

Many people think that if the strength of fitness is not enough, even if there is no more health, it is also a wrong idea. Even if you ran 8 kilometers today, but you only used the three-day fishing net for two days, it was totally useless. The effect you get is not as good as those who run 8 kilometers a day.

Men should pay attention to what fitness What are the errors in fitness?

The company is located in: Diet plan can not be arbitrary

Many people feel that they have persisted for a week and reached the previously set goals. They can reward themselves properly. It is not too bad to have a good meal at this time. But this behavior is very easy to upset your diet plan, and your calorie that you worked so hard to lose for a week may be full or even more in this meal. Therefore, some unnecessary reward mechanism is actually you greedy yourself.

The company is located in: Water is the best way to add energy

Many people like to drink some functional beverages to complete their disappearing physical fitness after fitness, but to say that most of the functional beverage ingredients are still water and sugar, and drink more than a cup of warm water. really. ( 99 health ( Zhuangao, if you need to reprint, please indicate the source. )

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