How do men exercise chest muscles? Remember 4 points

Most men like to watch female The chest, actually male The chest is also the focus of attention of women! How to practice chest muscles, men, you know the chest work out What are the methods? Many men know that push-ups are a way to exercise the pectoral muscles. In fact, there are many chest muscle training methods! The following and Xiao Bian together to see how to practice chest muscles!

How do men exercise chest muscles How do they exercise chest muscles?

How do men practice sexy pectoral muscles

Believe that love to see a large American friends have such a recognition, the United States Hollywood blockbusters always have a full chest, quickly enhance the personal charm! Men have a strong pectoral muscle is a magic weapon to attract the opposite sex, each male dream How does the pectoral muscle you want to practice practice? Come see how fitness people do it?

The key point 1: do the right action

In the specific exercise exercises, the preliminary practitioners first need to grasp the basic essentials of the movement. The correctness of the action is the absolute principle, and it is not recommended to blindly pursue the practice of heavy weight. When starting the training, it should be done continuously for 15 times without feeling fine. Exhaustion is appropriate. At the same time, it must be combined with the number of exercises in each group, that is, the training plan, and gradually.

Key point 2: rely on equipment

Since most of the exercise pectoral muscles require the use of equipment, this is divided into two parts: exercise muscle thickness and muscle contouring. The practice of chest muscle thickness can be used supine supine and the way the combination of supine birds, 8-12 as a group, each at least 4 groups.

Chest muscle contour exercises can be combined with upper and lower oblique push and supine birds, but the number of exercises for muscle lines can be more appropriate and will make the lines smoother.

It is generally recommended that 10-15 groups be grouped and that at least 4 groups should be done at a time. Exercises must be kept focused with the help of a device. Focus your mind on the part of the body that you are practicing, and practice with your movements to achieve a good result.

Key point 3: Keeping yourselves alive

It should be noted that 1-2 groups of warm-up exercises are required before each exercise, mainly to prevent physical damage during the exercise. After the practice, but also need to relax pectoralis major muscles, stretching, stretching muscles: one hand to help the wall or equipment, keep the body upright, stretching the body to one side, and then the opposite direction can be.

Key point 4: food Auxiliary

In addition to the targeted exercise of muscles, supplementing some protein intake can also increase the chest muscles, such as eating more chicken, fish, beef and other meat.

Also need to eat more green food , Such as fruits and vegetables, these alkaline foods can balance the acidity contained in meat, achieve an acid-base neutralization purpose, help the body's digestion and absorption of protein, which is very good for your chest muscles .

How do men exercise chest muscles How do they exercise chest muscles?

Male Muscle Bodybuilding Training

First, the combination of law

The method is to combine the power exercise and the static exercise organically, first to move and then statically. That is to do power exercises to the limit first, and then fixed at the point of the need to exercise the part of the static force 6-8 seconds, can practice 2-4 groups.

For example: the combination of static and dynamic bending (hair biceps dorsi) first 6-8 times with 60-70% of the weight, and then fixed elbow joint so that the upper arm and forearm angle of 90 degrees, adhere to 6-8 seconds, Do 2-4 groups.

Second, the restraint combination method

Exercise with power (restraint contraction). Repeat 5-6 times, do not do it again after 2-3 concessions. This combination can make the muscles get deeper stimulation.

Third, the first failure method

This is an effective way to increase muscle circumference. Its practice is. In order to develop the piece of fat, choose to develop only the local muscle exercises to train this muscle, do 6-10 times until fatigue, make it exhausted, and then run to another instrument within 3-5 seconds, to do a The development of this muscle-based integrated muscle exercises, with 79% of the weight to the limit, so alternately training about 4 groups, the muscles will feel great stimulation. According to research, this can effectively stimulate muscle growth and promote its development.

How do men exercise chest muscles How do they exercise chest muscles?

Fourth, fatigue and then repeat the law

Do a comprehensive muscle group exercise first followed by a local muscle group exercise. If there are at least four muscles involved in the bench press, the main part of the exercise is the pectoralis major muscle, and the triceps brachii muscle does not participate as much as possible in the maximum force. According to the principle of first fatigue and repetition, first practice bench press (using the super group method), and then, on the bench holding a dumbbell to do bird exercises.

Fifth, continuous weight loss method

Begin to use the heaviest weight to achieve the limit (8-10 times); immediately after the weight is reduced by the companion to achieve the limit (4-6 times and then by the companion to reduce the weight and then repeat the limit (4 times Left and right), so do three or so groups in a row, one to make the muscles extremely nervous and get the maximum stimulation.

Six, continuous weighting

The method is to use a light weight to do a certain action, easily complete the exercise, and then increase the practice to make the muscles feel, and then increase the practice, until it can not get up, this method of increasing strength, deepen the stimulation Increased muscle clarity. (Reference site: 39 Health Church)

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