How to exercise abdominal muscles Recommend 3 classic movements

Abdominal muscle is a strong symbol of health, but also to protect the body parts of the armor. Weak abdominal muscles may cause pelvic lordosis and lumbar spinal flexion to increase, and increase the risk of low back pain. It is necessary to practice abdominal muscles. Here are three groups work out Abdominal muscle movement is simple and classic.

How to exercise abdominal muscles What are the ways to exercise abdominal muscles?

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Suspension leg raise

Flat on the bed or floor mat, back close to the bed (or ground), hands clenched bed fixed upper body, legs at the same time on the move, while down, repeated many times.

When doing the action, pay attention to: 1. The body is easy to shake, you can find partners to withstand the upper body to prevent the body from shaking. 2. If you want to exercise the lower abdomen to the maximum, at the highest point of each movement, you should try to lift your hips to fully mobilize the muscles of the lower abdomen. 3. If you feel that this action is difficult, your legs can be slightly bent to reduce the difficulty to complete the action.

Supine leg lift

Lying on the bed or on the floor mat, the back is close to the bed (or the ground); at the same time holding up the legs, so that the legs stay in the air, and the bicycle in the air to do the action, repeated many times.

Be careful when doing the action: 1. The first time you do this exercise will feel very tired, the amplitude should not be too large, the speed should not be too fast. 2 action to be skilled after each "pedal car" when the legs straight to increase exercise intensity.

How to exercise abdominal muscles What are the ways to exercise abdominal muscles?

Bench sit-ups

Lying on the floor, the calf rests on a bench (or chair, bedside, or step), and the upper body is raised by abdominal muscles. The shoulder slowly falls back to the ground during the restoration and the abdominal muscles are always taut.

Be careful when doing this: 1. Do not put your hand behind your head. Because when you are exhausted, you will use your hands to hold your head and damage your neck muscles. 2. The higher the shoulder is, the higher the straighter the better, but the waist is close to the ground. 3. Note that the upper body to maintain stability. 4 feet do not force.

Man practicing muscles What to eat it is good


Almonds and other nuts are cellulose, protein and vitamin E. health source.


If you want to gain weight, you can choose fruit yogurt; if you want to lose weight, you can choose low-fat, non-fat yogurt. In addition to yogurt, low-fat cheese is also effective.

How to exercise abdominal muscles What are the ways to exercise abdominal muscles?


Water can lead to muscle contraction and energy depletion during exercise.

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Eggs are rich in protein, vitamins A, D, and E, which help muscle growth.


Salmon is anti-inflammatory and rich in omega 3 fatty acids and proteins. (Reference website: Seek medical advice)

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