What are the 5 benefits of fitness for men?

Body health It is a very important thing for male This is especially important. Nowadays, many men like fitness because it can work out Body can also make you more attractive. So, what are the benefits of men's fitness? Let's look at it together.

What are the benefits of fitness? What are the benefits of fitness? What should fitness pay attention to?

The benefits of fitness for men

Improve mood

Exercise can stimulate the production of a variety of brain chemicals, will make people feel more relaxed. If you exercise regularly, you will feel more comfortable and look better. You can also increase your confidence and reduce stress and anxiety.

Fight against chronic disease

Regular exercise can help you prevent or control the emergence of high blood pressure. Your cholesterol level will also benefit. With regular exercise, high-density lipoprotein (HDL) or "beneficial" cholesterol is increased, while low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or "bad" cholesterol is reduced. By reducing the buildup of plaque in the arteries, this "combination of punches" will make blood flow more smoothly. Also, regular exercise can also help prevent type 2 diabetes , osteoporosis and certain kinds cancer The emergence of.

Weight control

This is not a simple matter. Exercise will consume some calories. The more intense exercise, the more calories consumed, the easier it is for you to control your weight. You don't even have to spend a lot of time doing sports. Take the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Take a walk after lunch break. It's good to concentrate on doing exercise, but after doing this exercise, you'll do that exercise. This will continue to do so, and you can consume some calories a day.

Make heart and lung function stronger

Sports give oxygen and nutrients to the tissues in your body. In fact, regular exercise will help the blood circulation of the heart and blood vessels of the entire cardiovascular system in the body and operate more efficiently. When the functions of the heart and lungs are more effectively exerted, you will have more energy to do what you like to do.

What are the benefits of fitness? What are the benefits of fitness? What should fitness pay attention to?

Promote better sleep

A good night's sleep will increase your attention, increase your productivity and improve your mood. Exercise is the key to good sleep. Regular exercise can help you fall asleep faster and make you sleep deeper.

The time for exercise depends on you. If you have poor sleep quality, you may have to do exercise later in the afternoon. Five to six hours after exercise, the body temperature will naturally drop, which will help to fall asleep.

5 Things to Remember When Going to the Gym

1, the necessary warm-up activities

You know, this is not combing braids, a cup of water time, which is necessary before starting exercise. As muscles become more relaxed, they are also more prone to being manipulated and expanded, and doing these exercises will reduce your chances of getting hurt, so take 5-10 minutes to get your body fully open and slightly sweating The feeling is the best. You need to understand that this step is a good start for your fitness exercise.

2. Extremely necessary stretching exercises

There are always things that are easy to do in life, but stretching after fitness exercises is not that simple. When you exercise a muscle, it becomes tight and shortened. Stretching is to help you relax your muscles and prevent muscle soreness the next day. It should be noted that the best time to do this is after you have completed the warm-up exercise, and at the same time, for 20 to 30 seconds per action, which will help to relax your muscles and give you a more meaningful stretch.

What are the benefits of fitness? What are the benefits of fitness? What should fitness pay attention to?

3, overloaded weightlifting

When you see that more than 30 candles have been inserted into birthday cakes, you can't help but be amazed by the passing years. But this is not the reason for you to rush into the gym and grab the dumbbell you saw at the first sight. It is not your own time. With a whim, develop an excuse for a fitness program that exceeds your abilities. You need to start slowly and gradually increase the amount of exercise. The fitness instructor will warn you that taking it slow is the key to exercise. Because you may not imagine how painful it will be in the 24-48 hours after exercise, you need to be cautious when it comes to starting.

In addition, if you blindly try to lift more than the weight of the body, it may cause muscle strains, sprains, and even hurt your back. It seems that choosing a weight of 3 to 6 pounds would be more appropriate. Usually it takes 15 to 20 repetitions. If you want to get a firmer muscle faster, you can choose a slightly heavier weight, but just repeat 8 to 12 times. . Remember not to be eager for success, and finish your exercises in moderation to achieve good results.

4, excessive exercise

Since the purpose of fitness is to continue to work hard, then you should not expect to get "Gold". Therefore, when you find that your heart rate is so fast that you can't breathe a sentence, it means your exercise is overdone. Many coaches believe that this is the primary reason why most people are halfway. Because once they feel the discomfort that exercise brings to them, they will have a hard time conquering it.

In addition, if you think that your body is not good, you can choose some easier exercises to complete. Those who do not want to go to the gym can choose the appropriate aerobic videotape to learn how to get started and improve the coordination of the movement. It is also a good method. Anyway, as long as you do not give yourself pressure and persist, you will benefit from it.

5, necessary supplement for water

Remember that when you are exercising, your body loses moisture quickly due to sweating, and these fluids must be replenished in time, otherwise your body will dehydrate over time, and you will feel it Thirsty. So don't forget to add moisture to your body throughout the exercise. In general, the human body needs 8 capsules of water every day, and when it comes to exercise, it needs more. In addition, plenty of water helps reduce hunger, reducing your appetite for food (Weber inserts here: the best way to add water is to drink less, drink several times each time). (Reference site: 39 Health Church)

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