There are so many benefits for men playing badminton

the man work out The body will have these types of general, running, swimming, or to do more fitness fitness exercise, then Xiaobian introduce a people often do is play badminton sports, then the advantages of men playing badminton what? ?

Are men playing badminton? What are the benefits of men playing badminton? What are the benefits of playing badminton?

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1, the skills to exercise eyeball

The reason why people who play badminton and train for “eyesightedness” is very simple: because both sides must constantly observe the opponent's swing situation and the ball in high-speed flight when playing. eye In pursuit of the high-speed flying sphere, the ciliary muscles of the eye will continue to contract and relax, which greatly promotes the blood circulation of the eyeball tissue, thereby improving the function of the ciliary muscle. Long-term exercise can improve the visual acuity of the human and The eye's ability to respond. For ordinary badminton fans, especially those who use excessive eyes, if they can consistently play badminton, the visual sensitivity will be significantly improved.

2, Shujin Huoxue

Badminton, like basketball, tennis, and table tennis, is a relatively strong physical exercise. Technology accounts for 40% and physical strength accounts for 60%. Even if it is a cold winter day, a ball hits the body and it sweats. Spring and autumn are even more powerful. To adjust and balance the body and promote metabolism, prevention Cardiovascular disease, physical fitness is very beneficial.

3, treatment of cervical (shoulder) disease

To participate in badminton sports, you need to coordinate with the hands and shoulders, desperately pumping the ball, your head should be lifted, shoulders to move, adhere to the ball every day for more than an hour, bone hyperplasia is difficult to form. Therefore, cervical spine and shoulder disease are difficult to produce.

Are men playing badminton? What are the benefits of men playing badminton? What are the benefits of playing badminton?

4, detoxification

Long-term play badminton gay fat less, walk easily, people become younger. Sweating every day will excrete toxins from the body, which will make you feel fluent and defecate. It will tell you to sweat and excrete, excrete toxic toxins, and it is very helpful to prevent gout.

5, whole body exercise

Badminton is also very suitable for weight loss people. In badminton, it is necessary to constantly use the power of the wrist and arm to hold the racket and swing, and to fully activate the ankle, knee, and ankle joints, so it is sufficient to exercise the whole body muscles and joints. Moreover, during the process of picking up the ball and catching the ball, you will continue to bend over and raise your head. This will also allow the muscles in your waist and abdomen to be fully exercised.

6, enhance friendship

Through playing and not knowing each other, they all know each other, understand each other's personality, and truly use the ball to make friends and friendship.

Are men playing badminton? What are the benefits of men playing badminton? What are the benefits of playing badminton?

Badminton matters needing attention

1, dress, as long as not too broad sportswear can serve as badminton sportswear. However, it is better to wear special badminton shoes, which is a protection for yourself. Of course, you can never wear underwear and bikinis to play badminton. Do not play with metal objects such as keys.

2. Invitations: Men and women can make invitations to each other. It is best not to invite the other party when the other party is playing. The other party should be given a certain amount of time to rest. Please do not call the ball players who are playing to play with you, so that they do not respect the other players. Men can not refuse a lady's invitation.

3. In the competition, if there is no referee, the two parties should consciously abide by the rules. When the two parties have difficulty identifying the ball, they should solve the problem in a manner of courtesy and do not have to care about one ball.

4. Ryukyu is generally closer to the ball. The Ryukyu player should actively take the ball. Of course, men should actively take the ball. If the ball falls on its own side of the field while serving each other, should take the initiative to pick up the ball from the Internet to throw each other. Must not be indiscriminately ball to each other even more can not be kicked to each other. With a bat, the ball gently strikes the opponent with the most elegant style. Take the initiative to return the ball from the adjacent venue.

5, sparring, to the level of significantly lower than their own ballmates sparring should be fed according to the other party's weakness to improve the other's skills, patience to correct each other's wrong moves, do not be impatient (If you do not want to sparring you can not promise to sparring to the other party ). If you do not practice defending each other, don't smash it to the other side, lest the other person misunderstand you for impatience. Sparring friends should be grateful (reference: 39 Health Church)

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