How to exercise arm muscles these points should pay attention to

The company is located in: The company is located in: Now fitness craze has not subsided, many people joined the tide, but he is still more confused, do not know how they should be fitness, there is no clear plan, followed by Xiaobian to learn how to make their own arms change Strong, fitness exercises to learn slowly.

怎么锻炼手臂肌肉 手臂肌肉怎么锻炼好 怎么才能练出手臂肌肉

The company is located in: In life, you can use the following methods work out Arm muscle:

1, take full advantage of their own weight can carry the most simple fitness 'equipment' is their own weight. Using their own weight can be a number of exercises, such as jumping around the legs, hold high knees, leapfrog and imitation skating action.

2, carry a few books with you to bring a book or two, preferably sports class, not only to learn new fitness methods, access to fitness power; but also as a dumbbell book, up the push, exercise arm.

3, step by step stair climbing No matter where the work, the stairs are everywhere exercise "equipment", back to the apartment when walking stairs, step by step, then mentioned step by step, which can fully exercise gluteal muscle.

4, a variety of rope skipping as a fitness equipment, skipping easy to carry and easy to maintain daily exercise. If the conditions are limited, can not jump, then you can "cross rope", the skipping placed in S-shaped, and then left and right steps. You can also use the jump rope to help stretch the limbs.

怎么锻炼手臂肌肉 手臂肌肉怎么锻炼好 怎么才能练出手臂肌肉

5, tables and chairs can use the bedroom bench bed room, chairs, tables and other furniture can come in handy, such as sitting on a bench lift leg, sit-ups and push-ups in bed. There are sports, we must promptly add water.

The company is located in: Arm Muscle Exercise Precautions

The company is located in: 1, the whole movement: In training, if you use 1/4 range or 1/2 range of motion to do action is like mixing the day. One thing must be clear: give your muscles the right amount of strength to maximize their muscle stimulation. The growth of muscle fibers needs to be achieved by fully exerting their function - full contraction and extension.

The company is located in: 2, the use of a certain number of forced basis: Before starting to use forcing, you need two conditions: (1) You have a certain arm circumference. (2) have a good training partner. Without these two conditions, you can tear the biceps or damage the elbow. If you have 2 years of training experience, have good biceps and triceps, and have the ability to control large weights, then the number of forcing is a good way to increase your arm muscle.

怎么锻炼手臂肌肉 手臂肌肉怎么锻炼好 怎么才能练出手臂肌肉

The company is located in: 3, do not over-train: Muscle training is not as good as possible, do not have to worry too much relaxation muscle relaxation. Biceps and triceps muscles are smaller, when the training is very easy to reach the excitement, if over-training will be counterproductive. It is advisable to practice your arm once a week. If you are a veteran athlete, each muscle may wish to train 15 groups, but the number of times your arm is critical is always 10 to 12 times per group.

The company is located in: 4, increase the training weight: In the initial bodybuilding training, you can use medium-strength, so there is a certain basis, that is, to increase the weight to get higher quality of the muscles.

The company is located in: 5, do not use the weight can not be mastered: Those who want to attract people's attention with a heavy weight are stupid. The reason is that doing so is very vulnerable. Training should be smarter.

The company is located in: 6, to maintain arm muscle relaxation: Before each training to stretch the arm muscles, so that blood circulation, into the training site. Stretch muscles between groups and groups to prevent muscle injury. In fact, the more blood in the muscle, the more nutrients the muscle gains. (Reference site: family doctor online)

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