How do men exercise back muscles

The composition of the back muscles of men

1, erector spinae: also known as sacral spine muscle, including iliac muscle, the longest muscle, spine muscle, is responsible for stretching the trunk of the main muscle (so that the trunk near the back of the legs). In the hard pull and goats to come forward and other actions, the vertical spine will be actively involved.

2, latissimus dorsi: latissimus dorsi muscle is the main function of the shoulder extension, adduction, internal rotation. In all pull action, latissimus dusk will participate, whether it is horizontal pull class action (such as rowing), or vertical pull class action (such as the pull up). Vertical pull type of action on the latissimus dorsi stimulation more strongly.

3, diamond-shaped muscle: diamond-shaped muscle is located between the scapula deep muscle group. The main function is to make the scapula adduction or called retraction (so that the scapula pull back). In the vertical and horizontal pull class action, the rhombus muscle will be actively involved. Horizontal rowing is greater for rhombic muscles, because the scapula retracts more.

4, trapezius muscle: This diamond-shaped muscle is very interesting. Its muscle fibers have several different orientations, depending on the muscle fibers raised, it can make several different actions. The most common trapezius training in the gym is for the upper part, the main function of the upper part is lifting the scapula and clavicle. The main training moves are all shrugged. Smaller scapula muscles can also help lift the scapula. The function of the middle of the trapezius muscle is (and the rhombic muscle) to bring the scapula back. All muscle fibers shrink at the same time, can also help the scapula back. Finally, the function of the lower part of the trapezius muscle is to make the scapula under pressure (pull the scapula down).

How do men practice a wide back?

1, single-arm dumbbell boating

Left leg kneeling kneel on the edge of the flat bench, the body leaning forward on the ground parallel, with the left hand support drive, the head naturally drooping. Right hand clenched dumbbells slowly fall, keep the trunk parallel to the ground, and then slowly dumbbell to the abdomen to ascend until the elbow angle of about 90 degrees, tighten the back muscles, arm as close as possible to the trunk, stay for a moment, then slowly restored to Starting position.

Training when the waist is not flat enough to damage the spine, on the flat bench arm to keep the elbow flexion, on the ground legs to keep the knee flexion, action will reduce the training effect too much, increase the body to increase the body Twist, increase the likelihood of injury.

2, back stretching action

Hands fixed on the stability of the object. Arm and trunk angle should not be too large. Feeling back muscles closer when the pause 10-15 seconds. Back stretching action can ease the exercise of muscle fatigue, but also as a back exercise before the warm-up action.

3, sitting and rowing

Is sitting, legs pedal in front of the pedal, slightly bent knees, hands clenched triangular handle, arms stretched, waist fixed, chest rise. To the contraction of the back muscles to pull the handle to the abdomen, the power of the latissimus dorsi control to restore the movement of the process of attention to control the speed of stretching, too fast or too slow will affect work out effect. Practice is not flat enough to damage the spine, the action should not be too fast, the tension should not be too large, so as not to hurt.

4, before the neck pull down

Sitting on the fixed seat of the drawing machine, the head and back to keep straight, his hands were holding the top of the bar at both ends of the handle, to keep the elbow down, do not back. From the top of the vertical position down the bar to the chest, along the same way slow reduction, arms can be straight, but the elbow should be micro-bend, pull down when breathing, breathing when playing back. Should pay attention to practice arms evenly force, to prevent the pull or no control to restore. Chest before the pull can make the back muscles full exercise, and not because of the wrong angle and injury.

5, sitting to sit up

Sitting on the body machine, waist close to the back of the convex, adjust the movement axis to the neck about 30 cm. Hands cross on the chest, with the waist as the fulcrum to do reciprocating movement. Each pause, upper body and thigh plane to maintain the 30 to 95 degrees is appropriate. Each time 3 groups, each group of 8 to 12.

Men exercise back muscles to pay attention to what?

1, backhand pull up refers to the palm toward the body, forehand pull up refers to the palm outwards.

2, in the vertical pull class action, latissimus dorsi more involved. In the horizontal pull type of action, the diamonds and trapezius to participate in the middle of more. Generally speaking, when doing the action, the closer the trunk to the vertical, latissimus dorsi more involved. The closer the torso is to the level, the more the diamonds and the dorsal muscles are involved.

3, at the lowest point of stretch, at the midpoint (vertex) squeeze, thinking to elbow pull the weight. It sounds very simple, but I bet that 95% of the trainers in the back of the training range of action is insufficient. It's like some people use squat instead of squatting, they want to use large weight to show themselves, and do not care to make the right action.

4, do the action always keep the chest. If you care about the back health , This is very important in all actions. When doing the action, raise the chest, keep the chest. This will keep the spine in a natural curve. Back when the weight is bending is the cause of the lower back loss of the primary reason, so the action to keep the spine to maintain the natural curve.

5, the use of heavy weight based on the back of the training action, so that the development of muscle balance. The back is not only important for the balanced development and strength of the whole body muscles, but also to help you avoid damage. You must have seen a lot of collapsed, shoulder impact syndrome, tendonitis trainer. If they can train the back as seriously as practicing the chest and shoulder, many people will heal. Strong scapular muscle and muscle pressure is very important to keep the shoulder healthy and upper body posture.

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