Exercise Exercise Note: Try to choose daytime fitness

Fitness is to keep the body health And to promote physical and mental balance, reduce the psychological pressure of the best way; but if we can not properly exercise in the training, there will be dangerous. Especially those who are anxious, do not grasp the method of exercise, often lead to physical exhaustion, physical injury, and even appear muscle and tendon injury.

去健身房健身有哪些注意事项 健身房健身有哪些禁忌 去健身房健身要注意什么

In the case of 1. Do warm-up and stretch activities

Before exercise to let the body fully active open, so that will not make the body hurt.

In the case of 2. insist on writing a diary

Try to do some training records as much as possible work out Of the time, the use of equipment type and weight, as well as exercise intensity, etc. write down, this good habit of writing a fitness diary, you can make your own progress and deficiencies are aware of.

In the case of 3. Adjust the fitness program

It is not right for some people to perform the same fitness program one year down without changing. If you want to have a long-term effect, then you should adjust the training plan every two months, otherwise, no training diversity can not achieve satisfactory results.

In the case of 4. Avoid eating errors

Diet errors include no regular diet, picky eaters partial eclipse, nutritional imbalance, etc., eating errors, is leading you can not achieve the desired effect of the main reason.

In the case of 5. exercise for the whole body

It is important to exercise by exercising and exercising. Do not just limit the work of a certain part, if that is the case you are difficult to shape the ideal body.

In the case of 6 avoid blind practice heavy

Every gym can find at least such a fool, hi yo yo to try to lift the weight of more than their ability, he will not only have hernia, disc herniation, joint dislocation and tear the risk of muscle, but also Often sacrifice their own shape.

去健身房健身有哪些注意事项 健身房健身有哪些禁忌 去健身房健身要注意什么

In the case of 7. Focus on increasing strength

Fitness is a gradual process, can not always use the same intensity for long-term exercise, should be over a period of time to increase the intensity.

In the case of 8. Avoid excessive exercise

More than the time required for the body to do a lot of exercise or overwork to exercise. In fact, too much exercise and do not exercise the same fitness is invalid. Remember, the best scientific exercise!

In the case of 9. Choose daytime fitness

As far as possible the daily fitness of the century on the morning or evening some time to ensure that this time period can be dominated by their own. And must be trained for five days a week, at least half an hour a day. But remember that noon can not be fitness.

In the case of 10. Carefully moderate training

Especially those who are over the age of 35, do the body before the start of the training an examination , As part of the body evaluation, by the health care practitioner to propose a fitness program, the program includes: movement mode, select the intensity, frequency, duration, movement goals.

去健身房健身有哪些注意事项 健身房健身有哪些禁忌 去健身房健身要注意什么

In the case of 11. Choose your favorite activity

Not everyone is suitable for running, you have to according to their physical condition and activity preferences to determine the way of regular activities. This will not only achieve the purpose of exercise, but also to avoid a single movement brought about monotonous and halfway.

In the case of 12. Ready for fitness needs clothing and equipment

If you choose to walk or jog, there are sports shoes, sportswear is enough; if you choose to swim, ride or other projects, we must prepare the appropriate equipment.

13. accompanied by fitness can provide team help

The advantage of team fitness is that when you are not so active on the fitness, the team can motivate you to fitness.

In the case of 14. Be careful of injury

The best way to deal with injury is prevention , In the fitness to avoid the foot, knee and other parts of the injury; if you unfortunately injured, should stop fitness, in time to hospital Treatment, medical treatment. (Reference website: thirty-nine Health Hall)

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