Men have muscle only women how much fat intake of beneficial muscle

In the case of Now there are a lot of people to join the tide of weight loss, there are some men in order to add a little muscle on their own, after all, the kind of man without the power of the chicken certainly not female Welcome, wide shoulders are needed by every fitness enthusiast, shoulder muscle training can hold up the clothes to make people look more sturdy, in the last century forty years, men like to wear shoulder pads jacket, so Will make the shoulder with the huge, so the body is a lot of fitness enthusiasts pursued, wide and get enough work out The shoulders can be more eye-catching. Then the man has a muscle to give his girlfriend warm depend on it?

男人要摄入多少脂肪有益增肌 男人怎么锻炼出肌肉 怎么锻炼才有肌肉

Want to have sturdy muscles to see here

1, rope surface Sola

Rope surface pull is to stimulate the action of the rear flank, do this action can be used to stand kneeling, but to keep the body stable do not shake. Use the power of the shoulder to pull the rope to the face, keep the peak contraction shrink a second and then slowly put down. Can improve the state of the shoulder rotation.

In the case of 2, leaning over the side of the flat move

Overturned side of the flat is not only to stimulate the deltoid posterior bundle, the body of the other muscles can also be stimulated, legs naturally standing to keep the front tilt straight, use the shoulder force will dumbbell flat, keep All the joints outside the shoulder are locked and the dumbbells are flushed to the shoulders. In the slow down.

In the case of 3, barbell neck after the recommendation

It is a comprehensive muscle practice, involved in the muscles including the shoulder and back, and exercise the shoulder muscles almost involving the front, middle and rear three, because the barbell center of gravity falls on the shoulder muscles, everyone may feel different, but generally For example, he is mainly aimed at the posterior rhizome, especially conscious for the posterior bundle. This action is best suited as a supplement to the exercises of the deltoid muscle, and should not be the main practice.

男人要摄入多少脂肪有益增肌 男人怎么锻炼出肌肉 怎么锻炼才有肌肉

4, dumbbell side lift

Hold a dumbbell on each hand, the body leaning forward slightly. And then let the two dumbbells close to each other in your front, but let them keep a little distance. Every time you start from a completely static state, this will prevent you from swinging the weight. The dumbbell up and on both sides of the lift, slightly turn your wrist, then the back of the dumbbell should be slightly higher than the front. Place the dumbbells slightly higher than your shoulders and then slowly lower them. The whole down the process must be forced.

Fitness is certainly a need for a process, do not think about two or three days can have a perfect body, we can give yourself set some fitness plan, slowly progress every day to keep progress, so stick for some time will have good results The

In the case of How much fat intake is beneficial to muscle

How much fat can you grow to increase muscle mass? This is a difficult question to answer. Scientists have begun to distinguish the effects of different nutrients on the body's metabolic processes. Studies have confirmed that a certain amount of fat and calcium can affect the balance of nitrogen in the body.

男人要摄入多少脂肪有益增肌 男人怎么锻炼出肌肉 怎么锻炼才有肌肉

The balance of nitrogen is particularly important for the human body because it can measure whether the amount of nitrogen consumed and excreted by the body is balanced. If a person's intake of protein or nitrogen-containing compounds excreted much, then the body of nitrogen to achieve a positive balance, it is desirable for fitness exercise, when his muscles will grow; when a person The body of nitrogen is in a negative balance, the muscles will be reduced.

Through the trial, the researchers found that 30% calorie intake from fat, the body of nitrogen balance is better than 40% of calorie intake from fat. In other words, 30% of the fat intake compared to 40%, the growth of muscle nitrogen required for the balance is more useful.

It is therefore recommended that the intake of fat should be kept below 30% of the total calories daily; otherwise, any excess fat will reduce muscle growth. (Refer to website: family doctor online)

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