Often exercise reproductive muscle effectively alleviate men ejaculation weakness

In the case of In the case of Believe in the couple's sex life at night, a lot male There are Ejaculation Ineffective performance, male ejaculation itself is due to genital function disease , Recession or psychological quality caused by relatively low symptom which performed. For men Impotence The performance of the disease, is a relatively minor, but also affect the normal sex life, long time ignored may lead to a series of diseases, and even affect the feelings between couples, so when men find their own ejaculation weakness , We must pay attention to it.

男人射精无力怎么办 怎么缓解男人射精无力 男人射精无力怎么治疗好

In the case of So what is the cause of male ejaculation weakness?

The reason for the male ejaculation is mainly due to the pathogenic factors of their own body, when the human body nerve System or endocrine system disorder and can not effectively control the secretion of the case, it is easy to produce the body's lesions, and then lead to a series of diseases.

The most common male physiological disease is prostate Inflammation, benign prostatic hyperplasia, urethritis and other diseases are very easy to lead to men in the sexual life of ejaculation performance.

For men with reverse ejaculation, it is also one of the causes of ejaculation. Because men in ejaculation, semen Has been back to the bladder, the muscles near the penis can not effectively control ejaculation ability, naturally will produce ejaculation performance.

With the increase in male age, male sexual ability will decline with the decline, the effective control of muscle capacity will be correspondingly weakened, naturally also triggered the performance of ejaculation.

Most of the young men, because of strong sexual desire, can not effectively control their own sex life, resulting in excessive anxiety, excessive spending strength, resulting in brain control center control ability weakened, naturally can not effectively control ejaculation ability, and then triggered Ejaculation of the performance of the disease.

男人射精无力怎么办 怎么缓解男人射精无力 男人射精无力怎么治疗好

In the current high frequency of work and living environment, due to the pressure is too large, it is easy to cause a lot of men have some psychological barriers, resulting in sexual harmony, leading to ejaculation weakness.

In the case of Then the male ejaculation and how to adjust the recovery?

Men due to pathological factors caused by disease problems caused by ejaculation weakness, naturally need to go to the regular hospital to check with the timely treatment , Remove the disease to restore the body health Naturally there will be no ejaculation of the performance of the weak.

For the increase in the age of men caused by ejaculation weakness, then it should be appropriate to strengthen their physical fitness, in the diet can be added to the rich in high protein and vitamin E food to cooperate with the strengthening.

Of course, in peacetime, men can also effectively exercise the muscle strength near the genitals to enhance the ability of ejaculation.

男人射精无力怎么办 怎么缓解男人射精无力 男人射精无力怎么治疗好

In the case of Specific exercise genital muscles near the methods are:

Intermittent urination exercise method: As the name suggests is to urinate every urination in the exercise, and then the normal urination, which can effectively exercise the urethral sphincter, to enhance the control of male ejaculation.

Toe Skull Bone Muscle Exercise Method: This exercise method is to exercise the contraction of the anus, each time you can shrink the anus for 5 seconds and then relax for 5 seconds, about 30 times a day about the number of controls. Long-term adherence to the advantages of men can greatly improve the performance of ejaculation.

For the pressure, indulgence of excessive men caused by ejaculation weakness, naturally need to relax, for an effective combination of work and rest, so that they have been in a relaxed, happy temperament. And should immediately immediately stop the excitement of excessive sexual behavior, two to three times a month the number of healthy sex, more is to prevent the occurrence of various male diseases. ( 99 health network (www.99.com.cn) Zhuangao, for reprint please indicate the source. )

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