Genius essential artifact: abdominal muscle so exercise

In the case of In the case of A Chongqing 95 after the fire brother because of six abdominal muscles harvest a large "fans." The little brother just over 22 years old with a strong skill and a solid style took a lot of awards, and has become the region's fire brigade of a squadron of the squad leader! Brother in the busy spare time do not forget work out Their own body, that dazzling six abdominal muscles is to let a lot of men envy! High value plus the perfect body is simply the eyes of thousands of girls, "Prince Charming."

男人怎么锻炼腹肌最快 男人腹肌该怎么锻炼 怎么练出八块腹肌

In the case of Good exercise, six abdominal muscles you can have.

1, lay the foundation for exercise

This is the most basic exercise, although there is no direct contact with the abdominal muscles, but this is your indispensable part of the abdominal muscles out of practice. Want to play a good end, you can stick every day to run a few kilometers, or run a few laps 1500 meters a day, one or two months down, you will find your body more than before the "fine." Perhaps like the morning run people, but also find their own skin The color becomes health Of the wheat color. Over time, and then the intensity of the exercise can not baffle you.

In the case of 2, do sit-ups

This sit-ups you do not have to spend time to choose where to exercise when exercise is good, you can do it in your spare time. Can be at bedtime, or boring to relax when you can lie down, there are not so many boxes. But it is to do you tired so far, until you have to do it, and is from the heart of the do not move, not to be lazy. But it is best not to do this in the air-conditioned room, or you finally hard perspiration but cooling in the cold air, affecting the effect of exercise. And can not be normal perspiration, especially in the air-conditioned room inside, it is easy cold The

男人怎么锻炼腹肌最快 男人腹肌该怎么锻炼 怎么练出八块腹肌

In the case of 3, try to sit up and down the upgrade version

Perhaps a few sit-ups have been unable to meet you, may wish to try to sit up and down the upgrade version. You can lie flat on the bed, so that your body can be free to like a book together, with your hand to your feet, with the waist to do support, left enough right foot, right hand enough left foot, or left hand enough Left foot, right hand right foot. Repeated several groups down, you may find more interesting than sit-ups.

男人怎么锻炼腹肌最快 男人腹肌该怎么锻炼 怎么练出八块腹肌

4, may wish to a few push-ups

Try to support your body with your hands and feet, like the flat support, but do it more than imagined, but you should stick as much as possible, the first day of ten seconds, the next day fifteen seconds .... So stick to it, and then with the push-ups, groups of a round, maybe after a few days there will be unexpected results.

Who do not want to have a charming muscle figure, but what things are step by step, and there is no one thing that can be successful overnight. Did not pay in front of the sweat, the fruits of the back will not be sweet. and so male Friends hurry up! 99 health network ( Zhuangao, for reprint please indicate the source. )

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