Fall fitness benefits more these sports are best suited in the fall

Since autumn, a few autumn rain, the temperature has declined, after experiencing the summer heat and wet boring, people feel the cool and comfortable autumn. Pleasant autumn, too work out The body of the golden season, men fall exercise more physical and mental health The

最适合秋季的运动有哪些 秋季适合做什么运动 秋季健身有什么好处

In the case of The most suitable for the fall of the movement

Climb up

Climbing, generally refers to the folk mountain climbing. As a physical exercise, climbing the role of health care is: to make lung ventilation and vital capacity increased, increased blood circulation, cerebral blood flow increased, urinary acidity increased. Autumn climbing, due to the unique climate, meteorological elements of the changes in human physiological function and some special benefits.

Climbing, with the height of a rise in a certain range, the atmosphere of hydrogen ions and is known as "air vitamin" negative oxygen ion content more and more, coupled with lower air pressure, can promote the physiological function of a series of changes ,Correct asthma Wait disease But also can help treatment The role, and can lower blood sugar, increased anemia The number of patients with hemoglobin and red blood cells.

It is beneficial for human health itself to make people's body temperature regulation mechanism constantly in a state of tension, so as to improve the ability of the human body to adapt to environmental changes (Chinese medicine "autumn frozen" also contains This layer of meaning). Of course, the elderly and infirm, can not blindly emphasize this health effect, climb time to avoid the lower temperature of the morning and evening, climb the speed to be slow, up and down the mountain through the clothes to meet the purpose of adapting to air temperature. hypertension, Coronary heart disease And other patients should be more force and effort to prevent accidents,

In the case of jogging

Jogging is also a very good fall sport, can enhance blood circulation, improve heart function; improve brain blood supply and brain cell oxygen supply, reduce cerebral arteriosclerosis, so that the brain can work properly. Running can also effectively stimulate metabolism, increase energy consumption, help to lose weight fitness. for The elderly , Running can greatly reduce the movement caused by muscle atrophy and obesity; reduce the phenomenon of heart and lung function; can reduce cholesterol, reduce arteriosclerosis, contribute to longevity. Recently, scientists also found that insist on joggers cancer The chances are less.

最适合秋季的运动有哪些 秋季适合做什么运动 秋季健身有什么好处

Of course, the process of jogging is actually experiencing "air bath". If people are often in the dirty air, they will feel the spirit of fatigue, limbs weakness, work efficiency. Therefore, both healthy and sick patients, should be more to the outdoor activities, more breathing fresh air. Autumn is just out of the house, to the nature of the good time to exercise. One day, if people have 12 hours to breathe fresh air outdoors, which out of about 40 minutes to jog, not only will less disease, physical fitness will be enhanced, the energy will become increasingly abundant up.

In the case of Cold water bath

The so-called cold water bath, is to use 5-20 ℃ cold water between the bath, the fall of the natural water temperature is in this range. Cold water bath health effect is very obvious. First of all, it can strengthen the nerve excitement, making the spirit after the bath refreshing, clear mind. Second, the cold water bath can enhance the body's ability to resist the disease, is called "blood vessels gymnastics"; third, wash the cold bath also helps to enhance the digestive function of chronic gastritis, constipation And other diseases have a certain role in adjuvant therapy.

Cold water bath exercise must take a gradual approach: the gradual decline in temperature in the fall, the body of cold and cold water is also gradually adapt, so that in the late autumn and winter, wash the cold water bath does not feel too cold. Cold water bath should be gradual, including the bath from the local to the body, the water temperature from high to low and the bath from short to long.

Common cold water bath has the following four: head bath, that is, wash your face with cold water; foot bath, feet immersed in water, the water temperature from about 20 ℃, gradually down to 5 ℃; rub bath, Cold water, the force can not be too fierce, the time should not be too long, enough to stop; shower, starting from about 35 ℃ warm water, gradually reduced to the bath with tap water.

It must be noted that the cold water bath is not suitable for everyone. Some people's skin is sensitive to cold water, cold water will produce allergic symptoms, such as rash, raw purpura, etc., such specific physical person can not be cold water bath; In addition, suffering from severe hypertension, coronary heart disease, rheumatism , Empty tuberculosis, sciatica and high fever patients can not be cold shower.

In the case of Autumn fitness five great benefits

最适合秋季的运动有哪些 秋季适合做什么运动 秋季健身有什么好处

Regulate blood pressure

At the same time, through exercise, cardiac vagal nerve tension increased, and cardiac sympathetic nervous tension is relatively reduced, heart rate was slowed down, so that the burden of the heart to reduce the heart oxygen consumption greatly reduced, to avoid the occurrence of cardiovascular disease.

In the case of Improve breathing

People who regularly participate in physical exercise can enhance the amplitude of the diaphragm up and down, increase the negative pressure of the pleural cavity under the inspiratory state, and help to improve the cardiopulmonary bypass, and can increase the effective alveolar ventilation, gas exchange is good. Reduce the consumption of oxygen, reduce the energy consumed per unit time breathing movement, to meet the needs of the body of oxygen.

Improve the gastrointestinal function of the digestive system is autonomously controlled by the autonomic nervous system under the control of physiological activities. Exercise to increase the amplitude of abdominal transverse muscle activity, artificially change the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system excitement, and thus regulate the function of the digestive system; at the same time can increase the saliva secretion, appetite, smooth stool, is conducive to the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases The

In the case of Promote metabolism

The body's blood lipids are mainly cholesterol, triglycerides and phospholipids. High blood lipids, easy to make the human arteriosclerosis, through exercise, can improve the material metabolism, so that cholesterol, triglycerides are reduced, the prevention and treatment of arteriosclerosis have a positive meaning. At the same time, health movement can also improve the level of hormones in the body, play a role in delaying physiological aging, reduce pathological changes.

In the case of Stimulate nerves

People who regularly carry out sports can produce a virtuous circle, that is, the better the better the body, the better the better the body. So the mood is high, the spirit of joy, and thus the brain cortex produce benign stimulation and regulation. After years of experiments show that exercise can make the vagus nerve excitability, sympathetic excitability relative decline, thereby improving the function of the nervous system.

In the case of Improve human immunity

In recent years, clinical practice has proved that exercise can improve the body's immune globulin, lymphocytes and complement the physiological effects, thereby enhancing the body immunity, improve physical fitness and prolong life. Through exercise, can also promote the body to produce interferon. Interferon is a potent physiologic antiviral substance that has the effect of anti-tumor, controlling infection and modulating immunity. (Reference website: Netease)

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