Summer fitness to pay attention to what fitness self-prevention tips

Say that life is the movement, any season we can not forget the problem of sports and fitness, the body more work out Always good, sports fitness is also a lot of attention, especially in the summer, sports and fitness there are many taboos.

夏季健身该注意什么 夏季健身有哪些注意事项 运动中暑怎么处理

In the case of Summer fitness need to pay attention to what

One, the necessary warm-up.

Some people think that no need to take the time to waste in the warm-up above, in fact, warm-up is the necessary process before the start of the campaign. Spend 5 minutes to let the body completely open, there is a little sweating feeling is the best.

In the case of Second, the action not too urgent

If your action violates your muscles beyond the load, it is easy to get hurt. The simple rule is, 2 seconds to lift, 4 seconds down, keep the rhythm of the action ups and downs. The slower it is, the better it will be. Do not think about weight loss, we fitness is to strengthen the fitness, the body is better, do not be too hasty.

In the case of Third, science Drinking water The

Summer people are likely to sweat, so it is easier to evaporate more water, drinking water is particularly important for people who participate in fitness. If you go out fitness, the best to bring their own water, continue to drink a small amount, do not wait until thirsty go to drinking water, avoid binge drinking. Because the binge on the stomach has a lot of stimulation, and when drinking water more than 1000 ml, it will be through the body to adjust the mechanism, resulting in water diuretic, but caused the loss of water.

In the case of Fourth, the necessary cooling after exercise.

The body after exercise, also need time to restore calm, let Heart rate Return to normal. You can slowly slow down the action until the heartbeat is reduced to 120 or less per minute. When you feel your heart and mind tend to ease, breathing gradually stabilized, it completed the final cooling work.

夏季健身该注意什么 夏季健身有哪些注意事项 运动中暑怎么处理

In the case of Exercise when the heat stroke of this treatment

In the high temperature environment after exercise, if there dizziness, headache, thirst, sweating, body fatigue, palpitations, inattention, action uncoordinated symptom , Normal or slightly elevated body temperature, that you have signs of heat stroke. If on this basis, there are flushing, a lot of sweating, pulse acceleration or body temperature increased to 38.5 ℃ above, then you have mild heat stroke.

This time should be hastened to (or the heatstroke who carried to) cool and ventilated place, unlock the buckle, belt, open coat, in the forehead and temples painted some cool oil, essential oil, taking Jieshu or Huoxiang righteousness, Put the cold wet towel on the head and rinse it with warm water. At the same time may be appropriate to add some light salt or cool white open, but not a lot of reference to cold water. If necessary, go quickly hospital The

In the case of Choose sunscreen products according to the environment

Summer sports sunscreen is indispensable. For its importance, Capital Medical University affiliated to Beijing Chaoyang Hospital skin Sexually transmitted diseases Department of doctors Su Yina introduced, the irradiation site is often in the exposure after 2 to 7 hours of large erythema, swelling, severe blisters, but also feel burning. After a few days the erythema subsided, there scaling, skin black.

In addition, long-term sunlight will accelerate skin aging, manifested as light exposed parts of the skin rough, increased wrinkles and pigmentation, decreased skin elasticity, telangiectasia or hyperplasia, erythema formation. May also cause local skin and systemic immune system dysfunction.

"Sunscreen choice, depending on the location of the movement." Su Jina further explained that if it is cloudy or shade under the outdoor activities, select SPF15 ~ 25 / PA + ~ PA + +; if it is directly in the sun, then select SPF25 ~ 30 + / PA ++ ~ PA +++; if it is snow, beach, plateau and other high ultraviolet environment, you have to use SPF50 + / PA ++++ sunscreen products. Smear should be carried out in front of 15 minutes, usually every 2 to 3 hours to apply again.

夏季健身该注意什么 夏季健身有哪些注意事项 运动中暑怎么处理

Umbrellas, sun hats and clothing and other fabrics can directly block the sun. The higher the weave density, the darker the color or the sunscreen coating, the stronger the UV absorptive capacity, the better the sunscreen effect. The hat of the sun hat is best in the 7.5 cm above, so as to have a better sunscreen effect. Shade mirror, to ensure that the mirror is large enough to completely cover eye And eyebrows.

In the case of Fitness self-prevention tips:

1. Do not touch the face during the fitness process, especially the eyes.

2. can be prepared 1 bottle of 75% alcohol, no time in the bath after exercise, with alcohol will be completely rub the palm again, can achieve the purpose of disinfection. It should be noted that the amount of alcohol should be enough to achieve the level of wet hands.

3. Do not stand barefoot on the ground floor of the locker room.

4. If the last time is cold Or a certain infectious disease of the multiple period, you should avoid going to the gym exercise. (Reference site: rest assured medical network)

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