How do men lose beer?

Many people look at their growing stomach, the heart will inevitably feel puzzled, in the end it is not a beer belly? Experts pointed out: According to clinical Diagnostic criteria, the normal body fat content male Can not exceed 20%, waist circumference / hip ratio male should be less than 0.9, if the waist-hip ratio is greater than 0.9, the body fat content greater than 20%, can be diagnosed as beer belly.

啤酒肚怎么减掉 什么方法可以减掉啤酒肚 男人怎么减掉啤酒肚

In the case of How to lose beer belly?

In the case of 1, put the water on the desk

Every day to be regular Drink water The When you want to eat something sweet, drink a glass of water, the desire to eat sweets will soon disappear. Do not let the spirit of stress to eat: When there is mental stress, do not pick up food But went out for a walk. Physical activity is more conducive to relieving mental stress than eating.

In the case of 2, take the elevator, climb the stairs

Up and down the stairs, the main use of the front of the thigh muscles, lifted up the stairs when the body, down the stairs to support the body, the psoas muscle also have work out of effect The Climb the stairs when the upper body straight, the lower body movement power will spread to the abdomen, abdominal muscles can be trained to. If the office or home floor is not high, then from today on the change into the stairs it.

In the case of 3, do not eat outside

The restaurant's rice often has more energy and fat than the rice made at home. Watch your restaurant near the unit for low-fat meals. Do not go to the fast food chain because there are few low-fat foods available.

In the case of 4, do not eat alone

To eat with colleagues, friends. To focus on the companion's conversation, not on food. Do not eat buffet: buffet often lead to eat a lot.

啤酒肚怎么减掉 什么方法可以减掉啤酒肚 男人怎么减掉啤酒肚

In the case of 5, aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise is that the human body in the case of particularly adequate supply of oxygen for physical exercise, so as to achieve a physiological balance. Secondly, aerobic exercise is very rhythmic, the duration is also particularly long. Want to practice abdominal muscle friends need to adhere to 3-5 times a week, each time need to exercise 40 minutes, and the more common aerobic exercise with jogging, swimming and skating and aerobics and so on.

In the case of 6, exercise at least 30 minutes a day

Japanese medical experts have developed a set of anytime, anywhere to do the movement, to eliminate the "beer belly" effect is very good. One is the hands of elbow, legs and stand; two is less by elevator, walk upstairs; three is where you can stand to complete the matter, the best standing to complete, such as others, call, see the newspaper, The

In the case of Beer belly exercise method

In the case of 1, lateral abdominal muscle training

Hand in the ear, one hand close to the ground, respectively, to the left and right direction to do sit-ups, repeated several times. In this group of stomach weight loss exercise, the back must be close to the ground, the side of the buttocks can only be slightly raised, not too far from the ground, or easily lead to back injuries.

In the case of 2, knees lift legs

Sitting on the floor to the hip as the fulcrum, arms support the ground, legs bent up, and then put down. Obese men can use this method to effectively shrink the lower abdomen.

啤酒肚怎么减掉 什么方法可以减掉啤酒肚 男人怎么减掉啤酒肚

In the case of 3, sit-ups

Lying on the ground, his hands crossed on the chest, legs, micro-bow, such as the general sit-ups, and then lay down, repeated several times. As for the number of times can be based on individual physical to decide. Poor or prolonged athletes, with the help of other help, such as with the wardrobe drawer hook feet, or ask people to help hold the instep in order to get up.

4, rubbing abdominal method

With two hands from top to bottom clockwise rubbing the abdomen 30 laps; and then counterclockwise rubbing the abdomen 30 laps. And then quickly with both hands quickly rub up and down the abdominal wall 2 to 3 minutes, rubbing belly feel hot, numb so far.

In the case of 5, lift leg method

Lying on a hard bed, legs up and stretched straight, his hands hold under the hip. And then lift the legs and chest and abdomen at right angles, and then slowly put his legs down. So repeated exercise 50 times, physical strength can also be changed to push-ups.

In the case of 6, body "U" method

Lying on the hard board bed, hands care in the thigh, and then raised his legs, and the abdomen at right angles, so that the body into a "U" shape, and then abdomen from the foot, hold a few seconds later (according to their own physical Depending on) to lie down. So exercise 30 to 50 times, physical strength can also be changed to sit-ups. (Reference site: a long time health network)

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