How is the asymmetry of the chest muscle?

Chest is a lot of fitness novice first choice work out Of the parts, for the novice fitness, the very common problem is that after a period of exercise, will find their own on both sides of the development of asymmetric chest, which is why?

胸肌不对称怎么办 为什么锻炼后胸肌会不对称 胸肌不对称怎么矫正

In the case of Is the chest asymmetry?

Many people will have such a question, that is why the right pectoralis major muscle strength, but the right side looks how will be smaller than the left. In fact, most people's muscles are not completely symmetrical, so the obvious asymmetry is inevitable, for the obvious asymmetry we need not care too much, and if more obvious, we can also through some Method to improve.

After exercise, but caused by obvious asymmetry is mainly due to arms and pectoralis major muscle on both sides of the inconsistent, in daily life, most people right arm right chest muscle activity is far greater than the left chest muscle.

So in training, when lying to push the pectoralis major muscle, both sides of the arm to increase the load of the same weight, often weak left first to reach the limit state, but also the first action exhausted. So that the left side of the pectoralis major muscle stimulation will be deeper, muscle speed is also fast. So that the left side of the pectoralis major after the same exercise will be more developed than the right side.

Of course, in real life there are some people are left-handed, then the situation is just the opposite, the strength of the weak side of the effect of exercise will be more prominent, the same exercise chest muscle appearance looks more developed.

胸肌不对称怎么办 为什么锻炼后胸肌会不对称 胸肌不对称怎么矫正

Asymmetric chest muscles will affect the overall beauty of the body, so we must not be ignored, in the daily training will be more observation, feel the strength of training, so as to make the most suitable for their own training.

When there is significant asymmetry of the left and right pectoralis major muscle, we should promptly use some methods to adjust and correct, to avoid the accumulation of more serious.

In the case of How does the chest asymmetry correct?

1. Side-by-side push-ups or one-handed push-ups

When the push-ups are pushed, the center of gravity of the body is leaning toward the weaker side of the chest, or the side of the body raising the center of gravity to the side of the smaller side of the muscle to correct; if you are a push-ups master, you can also use one-handed push Correction.

In the case of 2. single arm dumbbell supine on the arm to mention

Dumbbell supine on the chest to mention a good exercise on the chest effect, you can use one hand to do this exercise to correct the chest asymmetry phenomenon, but you need to have a high balance.

胸肌不对称怎么办 为什么锻炼后胸肌会不对称 胸肌不对称怎么矫正

In the case of 3. supine side bias recommended or one hand dumbbell lying down

Use the barbell to do the push action when the barbell weight can be more emphasis on the weak side of the chest; use dumbbell do push action, you can do one hand dumbbell lying down.

In the case of 4. parallel to the side of the arm flexion and extension

Do the side of the arm side of the arm flexion and extension, the body down the process, the body center of gravity tend to weak side of the chest, while the lowest point in the fall to stay for 3-5 seconds to do the "peak contraction" state, is conducive to weak muscle muscle growth side.

In the case of 5. Single arm side elastic rope

In the gym friends, you can use the weak side of the chest to do the arm to do the body side of the elastic rope resistance stretching exercises to correct. (Refer to website: 39 health network)

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