How the men bid farewell to double chin

Double chin who do not like, men are no exception, not only affect their own image, but also damage self-confidence, how men bid farewell to double chin

怎么消除双下巴 男人怎么告别双下巴 吸脂术可以减掉双下巴吗

In the case of Liposuction to double chin

Double chin is due to the accumulation of neck fat, and accompanied by increased subcutaneous fat neck, neck subcutaneous fat, including the placenta, external fat pad, if the excessive deposition of fat to form a double chin, and the neck short Shrink How to double chin method can be achieved by liposuction, it will also you a charming Alice chin.

Now have a liposuction, want to solve how to double chin this problem will become more simple, less wound on the body, liposuction before the neck to determine the bloated parts of the adipose tissue into the surgical area of ​​swelling Anesthetic liquid, and then use a hollow suction tube through 5 to 10 mm skin Incision, with negative pressure sucked fat, thus eliminating how to double chin this question.

After surgery to pay attention to do nursing work, so will get better treatment effect. After the operation of the pressure bandage to moderate, too tight affect the breathing and swallowing, too loose prone to hematoma hematoma effect. 6 to 7 days after surgery can be stitches. Pay attention to surgery just do not let the surgical site of water, to prevent infection.

In addition, if the skin sagging, you can also remove the excess skin. Finally, the triangular flap translocation after suture, the surgery can be completed under local anesthesia, the surgical process will not feel pain. The operation can also help you solve the problem of how to double chin.

怎么消除双下巴 男人怎么告别双下巴 吸脂术可以减掉双下巴吗

Several strokes to eliminate double chin

In the case of A meal chewed work out law

1, every time you eat, will food Repeated chewing.

2, slowly chew, feel the chin muscles are affected.

3, the use of meals when practicing.

In the case of Efficacy: Full use of chin exercise, can make the chin muscle contraction strong.

In the case of Two mouth exercise

1, the body sitting straight, face and body muscles to relax.

2, eyes straight ahead.

3, both sides of the mouth to try to pull down, each stretch feel the chin muscles have tightening feeling.

怎么消除双下巴 男人怎么告别双下巴 吸脂术可以减掉双下巴吗

4, each pull action to be maintained for 10 seconds.

5, repeated practice about 15 times.

In the case of Efficacy: This small exercise can be carried out at any time, the use of the power under the mouth, the movement of the chin muscles, enough to effectively burn the chin muscle fat, so that the chin muscle contraction.

Three sound chin training method

1, the mouth big.

2, followed by the issue of "ah", "one", "house", "Jesus", "Oh" sound.

3, according to the formation of the mouth of the mouth to the mouth of the mouth.

4, the sound needs of the belly of the team issued, there must be strength 5. Try to practice every day for about 5 minutes.

In the case of Efficacy: Through the practice of different sounds. Exercise the muscles of the chin, so that fat can not accumulate in the chin position. Over time can make the chin muscles firm and powerful, to improve the phenomenon of hypertrophy. (Reference website: Wen Kang male )

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