Men’s fitness equipment to help you better fitness

In the case of Men in the fitness time to take precautions to prevent accidental injury or some accidents. Especially to protect their own body parts, in order to better carry out fitness.

健身要准备哪些物品 健身中负重腰带的作用是什么 自由握力带怎么用

In the case of In the case of male Fitness essential equipment

Weight belt: effective protection of the lumbar spine

The weight belt is recognized as one of the most important fitness equipment. Weight belt not only can strengthen the power, but also can provide you with the necessary protection to prevent the occurrence of sports injuries, especially for the lumbar spine.

Timing: Use it only when performing heavy weight training. Especially those that apply weight directly to the spine, such as squatting, lying on, and leaning on a row.

There is evidence that the belt also contributes to the development of the strength of the body's core area rather than hinder it. One study found that, during the hardening process, the trachea activity increased by 10% when the belt was attached, while another recorded an increase of 23% in the process of squatting in the squat.

Music player: let you do two shoulder training

Listen to your favorite music while exercising can make you stronger. A recent study by the Wade Institute will be published at the annual meeting of the National Institute of Strength and Physical Fitness, which states that during each group of athletes trained in the shoulder, the bodybuilder listens to their favorite music , They can complete at least one additional repetitive action on average, and in some cases they can even do two extra repetitions.

健身要准备哪些物品 健身中负重腰带的作用是什么 自由握力带怎么用

Use the opportunity to enter the interchange room to let the excitement of music filled the brain. In the routine process of preparing for your training, your body releases adrenal cortex hormones and testosterone, and listening to exciting music can speed up the release process. Make sure you listen to music in each group of training, especially if you have a well-trained training partner around you. If you are a person training, so that headphones always stay in the ears, so that those who do nothing to find you chatting, so as to reduce your training intensity.

In the case of Knee: protect the joints, help complete the squat

Why are each Romanian people wearing knee pads? This is because these strained training, these elastic bandages can give your knee to provide support. In addition, the knee elasticity will let you squat up the bigger weight.

Use time: the same as the weight belt, knee is for you to prepare for heavy weight training. Because when you squat in the end they can provide you with flexible energy. The knee is actually able to reduce the degree of involvement of the gluteus maximus, the biceps femoris and the lateral quadriceps (lateral femoral muscles), which are usually mobilized at the bottom of the movement. While the knee can make you more than usual squat training, they can help you increase the squat on the half of the action when the leg muscles, such as the medial femoral muscle and femoral rectus.

Just be careful not to wrap your knees too tight: this super pressure will cause knee damage. You should look for those thick and long knees.

In the case of Weight grip belt: increase muscle vitality

Because the power of the wrist can help you increase your grip and complete the number of repetitions, and the weight of the grip belt can be your hands from the device freed. It allows you to focus more on the trained muscles.

健身要准备哪些物品 健身中负重腰带的作用是什么 自由握力带怎么用

Timing: When you do at least 3 to 4 groups of training for each action, it is recommended that you use the grip bands in 1 to 2 of them, or use them in the back training. But you do not just use it for your own Back training.

There is evidence that the use of the grip band can increase the latissimus dorsi muscle by 50% and 90% of the vitality, respectively, compared with the normal grip in the high drop and the rowing rowing training. However, the forearm's muscle activity will be reduced by more than 70%.

Free grip belt

Can also be used for triceps, biceps and shoulder training. Weighted power band: increase the number of back training. In the 2008 annual meeting of the National Association for the Quarterly and Physical Fitness of the United States, it was announced that in the back training, the bodybuilders who used the band were able to do an average of 1 to 2 repetitions.

Timing: Use the booster only in the last few groups of pulling action (such as most back and trapezius movements) when your grip begins to fatigue and becomes a limiting factor.

There is evidence that you should consider using a booster in each group of pulling training. If you are worried that this will affect your grip, you can simply train your own grip. (Reference website: medical network)

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