The most sexy men of chest men how to exercise the chest muscle

In the case of As a man if even the iconic chest muscle did not say it is indeed a bit shame, this point for male Charm is very important, then the office workers how to mediate the chest muscle?

怎么锻炼胸肌最快 上班族男人怎么锻炼胸肌 男人怎么锻炼胸肌最快

the man work out The specific method of chest muscle is as follows:

1, exercise the best way to develop the chest

The main method of developed pectoralis major muscle is the barbell lying recommended, the other practice is auxiliary. Because the volume of the muscle is proportional to the weight of the exercise. And the weight of the bench bar is relatively much heavier than the dumbbell. If you use heavy dumbbells do lying recommended or "birds", it is very difficult. Under normal circumstances, if the weight of the recommended weight of 60 kg, each group to do 8 to 10 times, then the chest can be trained to 95 cm. With 100 kg practice, the chest will be more than 100 cm, up to 120 cm.

In the case of 2, lying recommended breathing

Forced breathing, can make the oxygen storage of myoglobin and the amount of muscle glycogen to increase the number of muscle capillaries to expand, and help force. Such as exertion when forced, it will be hypoxia, muscle glycogen can not be enough, muscle strength will be reduced, the number of muscle fibers involved in the reduction will be reduced. In addition, muscle glycogen "burning" is not sufficient to produce more lactic acid, so that muscle pain fatigue. So, lying on the correct way to breathe is the barbell pushed up when breathing, barbell release when exhale.

怎么锻炼胸肌最快 上班族男人怎么锻炼胸肌 男人怎么锻炼胸肌最快

In the case of 3, lying recommended speed

The use of fast contraction (1 to 2 seconds) and slow stretch (2 to 4 seconds) of the force and Wade's slow continuous tension rule (forced contraction time of 4 seconds, restore the extension of time 2 seconds) contradictory. The author's experience is to restore the time and shrink on the same time (2 a 3 seconds) is appropriate. Move too fast or too slow, all indicate that the weight is not appropriate.

In the case of 4, triceps on the impact of the pectoralis

In the practice of pectoralis major muscle, should strengthen the upper arm triceps exercise. No developed triceps, it is impossible to lay down the weight of the barbell, it can not practice the developed pectoralis major muscle.

Usually, supine push weight should be practiced triplet weight three times.

In the case of 5, push-ups

No bar dumbbell, the push-ups can be regarded as practicing chest muscle the most simple magic weapon. Often do push-ups can also maintain the volume of the chest, middle-aged bodybuilding is particularly meaningful.

怎么锻炼胸肌最快 上班族男人怎么锻炼胸肌 男人怎么锻炼胸肌最快

In the case of 6, lying push the barbell design and practice

Bar dumbbell exercise, mainly in the bell, gripper way, grip distance, lift the angle, the speed and the number of groups and other factors affected by the training of muscle, pectoralis major is no exception.

Lying push barbell bar to slightly thicker, the outer diameter of 35 to 40 mm, wall thickness of 2.5 to 3.0 mm. The lever is thicker, can reduce the unit pressure for the palm, increase the force area, which will help push the arm. The distance from the grip to the bell is short, about 100 mm, so that the weight (force) concentrated in the vertical surface near the chest, and can reduce the generation of fat even.

The position of the lever up and down must be placed in the chest position (down to the upper part of the clavicle). Practice chest should be from the bottom up, from wide to narrow, that is, first practice the chest (lying down lying), and then practicing chest (supine), after practicing chest (recumbent). First wide grip bar, and then in the grip bar, after the narrow grip bar. Wide grip bar training chest muscle width, narrow grip bar training breast height (thick) degrees.

As for the bench, push down the bench (20 to 30 degrees) and supine use of short stool, recommended only on the back contact stool surface, can make the chest up and increase the unit pressure. Is recumbent to use sitting arc stool (30 a 45 degrees) can make the chest upright, into the level of the barbell vertical role in the upper chest muscle. (Refer to the website: seeking medicine to ask the drug)

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