How did the marathon come from? How to finish the marathon fast recovery

Recently, in 2017 the thirty-seventh Beijing Marathon in Tiananmen Square on time, 33 countries, 30,000 runners starting together, the momentum of rainbow, starting from the Tiananmen Square, to the Olympic Center area celebration square embarked. Marathon can be described as a comparable national movement of the grand occasion, tens of thousands of participants, the atmosphere is very warm scene.

马拉松是怎么来的 跑完马拉松怎么快速恢复 马拉松跑完之后怎么恢复体力

In the case of Do you know the origin of the marathon?

Marathon was originally a Greek name, in 490 BC, the Greeks in the war with the Persians to win, in order to quickly pass the message of victory to Athens, they sent a warrior all the way from the marathon went to Athens. When the soldiers complete the task of passing information after the exhausted, in order to commemorate him, they began to have a marathon.

In the case of How to finish the marathon fast recovery?

(1) the game just ended

Just finished, you can not immediately stop, continue to move up, keep the blood flow, at least 10 minutes walk, let your muscles relax, you can calm your mood. Walking at the same time to add water, and appropriate tonic some digestible food , In time to supplement the body's calories.

马拉松是怎么来的 跑完马拉松怎么快速恢复 马拉松跑完之后怎么恢复体力

In the case of (2) the end of the day

Take a good shower. If the conditions permit, you can appropriate ice, or in the bath at the bottom of the bath put some ice, which will help to exclude the body of lactic acid, restore the body function, reduce muscle soreness.

This time your mood should be more calm, the stomach should also be hungry, you can eat something to add energy, high protein and carbon compounds is the most suitable for tonic after the game, try to eat some you can eat, you want Eating things, nutritionally balanced meals are the best choice. Eat at the same time do not forget Drink water , That people who do not taste the water can choose some sports drinks, beverages in the rich vitamins on the body after exercise to add a very good effect.

In the case of (3) within two weeks after the end of the game

马拉松是怎么来的 跑完马拉松怎么快速恢复 马拉松跑完之后怎么恢复体力

At this point you may be in the stage of muscle soreness, many people feel that muscle pain to let it slowly eliminate their own, in fact, the appropriate exercise can also relieve pain. Just finished the marathon believe you do not want to run, then you can choose other sports, like riding a bike, swimming, yoga and so are a good choice.

Since the game has been finished, do not be too concerned about the results, after all, has been involved in the work has been very perfect. With a good mood to ease fatigue is also a good way. You can transfer the focus of life, transfer their attention, do some things you want to do but can not do, after all, at this time you have no competition pressure. Appropriate to adjust yourself, relax yourself, you can go to a place to travel, or about some good friends to a risk, are a good way to relax. ( 99 health Network ( Zhuangao, for reprint please indicate the source. )

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