How do men lose weight try these nine ways

do you know? The world more and more men fat, generals belly, elephant legs and so plague a group of people. Then you know how to lose weight men do, there are a few simple introduction below.

男性如何减肥 男人有效的减肥方法 男人减肥的方法是什么

In the case of Men lose weight in nine ways

1. Fast after 9 pm

Set up a provision: "fasting after nine." Meaning that after 9 pm fasting, do not eat those no health of food The The last meal every day as soon as possible to solve, so go to bed go to bed Before all digestion.

2. weekend work out

Weekend exercise to do the appropriate exercise. Most of us will find a lot of excuses do not want to exercise on weekends, so if you can squeeze out some time to exercise, then you are not far from your weight loss goals.

In the case of 3. Life is normal

Do not stay up late is the focus of the work can be done early, to get up early, a last resort, stay up all night to work to control the amount of food, do not always upset, food , Weight often increased.

男性如何减肥 男人有效的减肥方法 男人减肥的方法是什么

In the case of 4. After dinner must be active

The reason for normal obesity is not to eat too much, that is, less exercise So after we eat, you can not completely digest the food before, we must not immediately lazy in a place children do not exercise. Otherwise our body is easy, it will accumulate fat. Therefore, after dinner we have to find ways to make their own activities, so that the heat consumed as soon as possible. So, after dinner we can choose to do the chores to do housework, or go out for a walk or something, these are great skills to lose weight.

In the case of 5. Lower abdomen

The lower abdomen body movements and sit-ups, are not recommended in a soft bed, should be practiced on the yoga mat, in order to really exercise to the lower abdomen. Can be 2-3 days every 2-3 groups, each group of 15-20 times the training.

In the case of 6. Massage thin abdominal method

Practice: to the navel as the center, and then hit a question mark in the abdomen, along the question mark massage the abdomen, from the left to the right, respectively, massage 30-50, massage once a day can be. This will improve skin The temperature, a lot of consumption of calories, promote gastrointestinal motility, reduce intestinal absorption of nutrients, promote the body's blood circulation, discharge excess water, with massage cream, the effect will be better.

男性如何减肥 男人有效的减肥方法 男人减肥的方法是什么

In the case of 7. sit-ups

Do sit-ups must remember, do not practice in the soft bed sit-ups, yoga mat should be used to really effective exercise to the abdominal muscles, knees bent the greater the curvature of the difficulty of sit-ups The more difficult, so beginners can bend the knee 90 degrees, do 3-4 group sit-ups training, each group 15-20 times.

In the case of 8. Find a partner

Looking for a like-minded partner. Because you can urge your partner to lose weight, the same he can urge you.

In the case of 9. more Drink water

Do not just drink a glass of water before joining the party to increase satiety, but to develop a habit of drinking a glass of water before each meal.

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