The more sexy men can also improve their sexuality

Exercise can not only make people's body fitness, but also to enhance people's interest in sex. Sex experts study found that women engaged in aerobic exercise, 83% of people have at least three sex life a week. Compared with the exercise program before the start, 40% of people by sports work out More likely to cause sexual desire, 31% more frequent sexual behavior, 20% of people feel more likely to develop orgasm to the vertex.

运动对男人有什么好处 什么运动可以提高男人性能力 运动可以提高男人的性能力吗

In the case of The more sexy the more men are

Scientists believe that exercise during the body can release a refreshing endorphins material, this material is precisely the body of natural endocrine, can make people have a sense of pleasure, which is also beneficial to increase sexual desire. Exercise can also make the human serum high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels increased, this kind of beneficial cholesterol to the body, can "work overtime" to remove the arterial stuffing, thereby increasing the pelvic parts and sexual organs, including systemic blood flow. Therefore, as long as three times a week, every one hour of "moderate exercise", can greatly improve your sexual life.

In the case of Sports program one: swimming

Different swimming posture to the movement of different muscles, the impact on the body will be different, which frog and butterfly the most suitable female The Frog and butterfly must be applied to the thigh and pelvic cavity muscles, often swim these two positions, long-term exercise down, in addition to effective prevention uterus Prolapse, rectum drooping, bladder sagging disease Outside, due to the strong muscles of the abdomen, but also can enhance women's sexual function, in making love, the feeling will be more beautiful.

In the case of Exercise Plan II: Bicycle

This is one of the easiest ways to exercise, it can exercise your legs and joints and thigh muscles, and for the foot and ankle exercises are also very effective. At the same time, it also helps your blood circulation system.

In the case of Exercise Plan 3: Jogging / Walking

On the heart and blood circulation system has a great advantage every day to maintain a certain period of exercise for more than 30 minutes, will help to lose weight, which can enhance women's sexual desire.

运动对男人有什么好处 什么运动可以提高男人性能力 运动可以提高男人的性能力吗

In the case of Sports program four: volleyball

On the arm muscles and abdominal muscles exercise effect is particularly evident, at the same time, the sensitivity of your increase is also very helpful, so that your ability to work stronger, enjoy more changes in the first bed of fun.

In the case of Movement program five: Sherbin

Sherbin experts find that if a woman is too thin or too obese can cause loss of libido, affect their sexual desire more factors are physical problems caused by psychological barriers, such as: because of ugliness of the body caused by self-confidence is not strong, or more difficult to arouse The sexual participation of the opposite sex. On the other hand, overweight or too thin caused by sexual inconvenience or fatigue, lack of God and other factors, over time, leading to sexual decline or even disappear. One of the most attractive discoveries of the Shepherd's experts is that most of the women who have participated in the training of the shepherd have improved or improved their sexuality, sexual pleasure and sexuality after six months or one year of training, so that women are happier in their sexual life.

In the case of Can strengthen the male sexual ability of the four sports recommendations:

In the case of Suggestion 1: skating

Help exercise the coordination of the body, in the body, it can make male The leg muscles are more solid and flexible. At the same time, skating is a large amount of exercise, it will improve the male lung capacity, which is conducive to helping men in the sexual battle more durable.

运动对男人有什么好处 什么运动可以提高男人性能力 运动可以提高男人的性能力吗

In the case of Recommendation 2: Golf

The sport is a close combination with the walk, in an 18-hole course, you will walk 6-8 km; swing action will help your body stretch; In addition, the beautiful stadium more Will make you feel comfortable, help you ignite the more blazing love of fire.

In the case of Recommendation 3: riding a horse

Can exercise the male body's agility and coordination, and can make the body's muscles have been exercise, especially the leg muscles, so that men in the sex more brave and powerful.

In the case of Recommendation 4: the waist of the beneficial things to exercise

Men play a very important role in the conduct of sexual behavior, waist, back, arm and arm, become the main focus, so, on weekdays can do more to help these parts of the targeted movement, such as push-ups, dumbbells, Waist stretching exercises. (Refer to the website: seeking medicine to ask the drug)

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