Boys how long when the fastest boys how long to grow taller

Under normal circumstances, girls grow faster than boys, male growth age higher than the age of girls grow older. There are many parents are very worried about the problem of male growth is high, worried that their parents at home has not long, want to know when the boys grow taller?

男生什么时候长高最快 男生怎么长高 什么运动可以长高

In the case of When is the boy growing taller?

In general, as long as the child's growth board is still in an open state, the child has been in a long high state, girls to 20 years old to stop long, and boys to 25 years old to stop taller.

But the age of 3--14 is the best time for children grow taller, parents must take good care of this period, if you miss this period, the child will be very slow height, grasp the bad will cause the child life is short. In detail, boys from three years old to 19-year-old growth board are in the open period, this time is the best time to increase.

Children will continue to secrete hormone growth after sexual maturity, but will not secrete growth promotion factor, so will not continue to grow taller. (Growth promotion factor will stimulate the growth board, the proliferation of cartilage, the child will grow.) Therefore, in the child growth board in the open period of scientific management and regulation, it is particularly important.

In the case of How do boys grow taller?

In the case of 1, diet and nutrition balance. Eggs, dairy products, spinach, fruit, fish and other rich in protein, amino acids, minerals and other food , In adolescent reasonable consumption, balanced with, can help grow taller.

男生什么时候长高最快 男生怎么长高 什么运动可以长高

In the case of 2, reasonable exercise. Exercise is a good way to stimulate the secretion of growth hormone, basketball, jumping, running and other sports are to help the long high good way of exercise.

In the case of 3, adequate sleep. To develop good habits, adolescence is a rebellious period, this time seems to be endless energy, for we can grow taller, it is recommended not to develop sleep in adolescence, smoking and drinking bad habits, these bad habits will affect the body's normal physiological Metabolism, affect the long high, and ensure adequate sleep can promote pituitary secretion of growth hormone, can achieve increased results.

In the case of What kind of exercise helps to grow taller:

① supine stretching exercise

Supine on the mat, arms bent arm set the chest cross, lower limbs straight; while breathing arms at the same time stretched out to the top of the head, at the same time jumping straight, the body as far as possible stretch; gently exhale, body relaxation, The number of times depends on age size 10-25 times.

In the case of ② come forward to jump movement

男生什么时候长高最快 男生怎么长高 什么运动可以长高

The number of times of exercise is 6-20 times depending on age.

In the case of ③ rowing movement

Standing, right foot forward step into a bow and arrow steps, arms at the same time on the move forward, under the rear like a rowing as struggling to play 25 times.

In the case of ④ rope skipping movement

Hand grip rope and do not grasp the rope to do in situ rope skipping action, the speed is twice per second is appropriate; action times as personal physical jump 3-5 minutes, about 120 times per minute.

In the case of ⑤ prone to kick movement

Hands on the ground was prone to stay, and then abdomen received legs; upper body fixed, legs at the same time forced straight after the pedal; action times as the age of the size of 3-5 groups, (Reference website: medical network)

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