How to dress autumn fall fitness to be “four anti”

In the case of In the case of Strong physique, good physique depends on a variety of factors, such as congenital development, diet, health care, living environment, sports work out Wait. From some point of view, fitness exercise can make up for deficiencies. And sports health is also made health The easiest, most efficient and economical means.

秋季跑步怎么穿衣 秋季健身要注意什么 秋季跑步注意什么

In the case of Fall to wear clothes to suggest

Most of the people think so, as long as we move up or exercise will not feel the body of the cold, so many people in the movement will always wear very little clothes, and even some people only wear A T-shirt out to go to exercise.

In fact, the body in the outdoor exercise to produce more calories when only the middle, before and after the movement is very vulnerable to the impact of external temperature. Outdoor sports, to wait for the body after the heat, and then take off his coat, and sports finished in time to put on, if wearing a sweaty clothes in the autumn to stay, very easy to catch cold cold The In the choice of sportswear material, many people think that cotton clothes comfortable, sweat, but in fact, choose a relatively good permeability of polypropylene material, will be more appropriate.

Fall to wear thin layers of clothes. Compared to a layer of thick texture of the clothes, sweat more easily through the two layers of thin texture of clothing. With a reasonable running dress can not only make you in the cold season to keep warm and dry, but also allows you to easily free activities.

Outdoor air temperature greater impact, outdoor running dress also has two layers of clothing law: breathable first layer - quick drying breathable fabric, to ensure that anytime, anywhere have a stable body temperature skin Dry, optional T-shirt or vest; warm second floor - outdoor running according to weather conditions choose clothes to add, warm running jacket can drive cold warm, in the course of running to maintain the appropriate body temperature.

When the sun shines, you should wear a black shirt to protect the skin. Dark clothing can absorb ultraviolet light, compared to those light can penetrate the light-colored clothing, it can better protect your skin. When the temperature rises, wearing dark clothes can also make you feel more warm, but the sun is more important.

秋季跑步怎么穿衣 秋季健身要注意什么 秋季跑步注意什么

Some young people like to wear tight underwear, the pursuit of "curve of the United States." Tight pants not only impede joint and physical activity, but also rub the skin, oppression of subcutaneous tissue, hinder the blood circulation, is not conducive to the evaporation of sweat, detrimental to health.

Compared to clothing, shoes is more important, the best choice for long walking shoes. Autumn running as much as possible to wear soft shoes, it is best to wear shoes.

If you want to run on the asphalt road, you must choose a pair of pad with a thick sponge pad shoes as a "running shoes." Because people are running, every action once, the soles of the feet have to withstand a ground reaction on its impact, this impact is transmitted by the soles. As the sponge is foam rubber, the buffer is very large, when it is the impact of the ground reaction, it will soon be deformed, depression down. This deformation consumes most of the impact force, passing to the runner's foot impact is greatly reduced.

In the case of Autumn fitness to be "four anti"

1. Anti-sports injury:

Because the human muscles and ligaments in the case of low temperatures will reflex to cause vasoconstriction, increased viscosity, decreased degree of extension, joint activity decreased, nerve The system of muscle command capacity decreased, before exercise, if not fully prepared activities, will cause joint ligament strain, muscle strain and so on. Prepare the activities of the time and content can vary, generally to do the body heat is appropriate

秋季跑步怎么穿衣 秋季健身要注意什么 秋季跑步注意什么

In the case of 2. anti-cold cold:

Autumn morning temperature is low, should be based on changes in outdoor temperature to increase or decrease clothes. Exercise should not be off too much, should be the body after the heat, before taking off too much clothes. After exercise should not wear sweaty clothes in the cold wind to stay, to prevent the cold.

In the case of 3. To prevent excessive movement:

Autumn is a good season for exercise, but this time because of the body yin yang yang is in the convergence of the domestic stage, so the movement should also conform to this principle, that the amount of exercise should not be too large to prevent excessive sweating, Exercise should choose easy and gentle, little activity of the project.

In the case of 4. anti-autumn dry:

Autumn climate is dry, the temperature is low, is the liver gas partial, liver gas partial decline in the season, easy to cause dry throat, tongue Shaojin, lips dry, nose bleeding, constipation Wait. For the athletes, after each exercise should eat more Ziyin, lungs, fluid fluid food Such as pear, sesame, honey, white fungus and so on. After exercise, but also drink plenty of water, such as sweating too much exercise, can add a small amount of salt in boiling water to maintain the body acid-base balance. (Reference website: Tencent network )

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