The most suitable for summer sports six sports

Exercise is to keep people body health The way, but the summer hot weather, many people are lazy, do not want to exercise, this will lead to poor physical fitness, the following Xiaobian for you to recommend several fitness for the summer, there are always for you.

The same time as the above- Summer fitness

One, swimming

When it comes to the summer, you can not talk about swimming. Swim both work out The body, but also Qushu summer.

Swimming can improve the function of the human respiratory system, the density of water than the air density of 820 times, people in the water to withstand the pressure of 13 kg weight. In order to overcome this pressure, the breathing muscles must be inspiratory with greater force. The strength of the respiratory muscles increased, the amount of lung activity will increase, often participate in swimming exercise, the lung capacity of up to 5000 ml, while the average human lung capacity is only 3500 ml.

Swimming can improve cardiovascular system function. Water temperature is lower than the body temperature, water conductivity is 26 times the air, people contact with water often cause peripheral vascular contraction, and then adaptive expansion, can greatly enhance the function of the heart to reduce metabolic waste in the blood vessel wall calm.

Swimming can increase the excitability of the cerebral cortex, the command function to enhance, after work to swim in the water for a moment, no matter who, will feel the spirit of excitement, fatigue disappeared, whole body brisk. Especially in the middle The elderly , Often participate in swimming, can make fat substances better metabolism, to avoid fat in the omentum and subcutaneous accumulation of obesity.

Second, fishing

Fishing is not only in the fish, but also in the love of nature, gain physical and mental. Summer came to the reservoir, the pond side, in the lush shade, the breeze blowing, can be seen on the growth of all the gush, smell the sun in the cicadas, find this Shu Yue and quiet, naturally calmly, Sentiment.

Hot weather is often boring, anxious, easy "get angry", so the summer fishing or fishing is good. The reason why fishing is nurturing, is due to fishing with the brain, hands, eyes with, static, meaning, moving help made. The occasion of fishing, eyes, brain, God focus on the floating movement of the static and quiet, intended to pubic region, shape static and dynamic, it is to improve the human visual and brain sensitive response ability, have played a positive role.

Three, fitness ball

Fitness ball to reconcile qi and blood, Shujin Jian bone, strong internal organs, brain puzzle, and the amount of exercise is small, from the site, climate constraints, it is suitable for summer practice. If you often practice practicing fitness ball, sequelae of hemiplegia, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, Coronary heart disease , Finger dysfunction and so on disease Have a better effect. In addition, due to iron balls with palm skin Of the frequent friction, but also due to static electricity and thermal effects, play to enhance blood circulation, treatment Whole body parts of the role of disease.

At the same time, the elderly for a long time to play fitness ball, through the palm of the hand movement, but also can make the fingers, palms, wrist bending flexibility, and promote the fingers, wrist, elbow and other upper limb muscle movement, to prevent and correct the elderly Sexually transmitted diseases Caused by the upper limb numbness, trembling, grip strength and so on symptom The Moreover, the hand movement on the brain is also very useful in the play when the ball, you can make people's thoughts focused on the hands, excluding all kinds of distractions, to eliminate tension, so that the brain to relax. Therefore, often play health ball can effectively health care brain, slow down the aging of the brain to avoid the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease.

Four, walk

Many people for health worry, especially in summer, many people are reluctant to move, in fact, take legs, you naturally into the fitness army. Chinese medicine pointed out that walking is the best aerobic exercise in summer. First of all, fast easy to master. Second, brisk walking from time and space restrictions. In addition, the ground fast to the knee, ankle pressure is small, suitable for including the elderly, frail, severe obesity, and so almost everyone. Brisk walking equipment is also very simple, just a pair of comfortable foot shoes, you can go to the road of health. As far as possible in the shade of the streets or windy riverside or seaside walk, the park is more suitable for the avenue.

Five badminton

Badminton more in the indoor stadium, not easy to be sunny, is the ideal choice for summer sports. Badminton is a sport that can make people feel, hands, and exercise. Playing badminton can not only physical fitness, weight loss body sculpting, prevention Cervical spondylosis, but also can promote metabolism, so that the body of toxins with sweat. Badminton is suitable for men, women and children, the amount of exercise can be based on their age, physical fitness, sports level and the characteristics of the venue environment. Adolescents can be used as an effective means to promote growth and development, improve physical function exercise, exercise value for the intensity, the activity time to 40-50 minutes is appropriate. The elderly and the infirm can be used as a means of health rehabilitation exercise, exercise should be smaller, the activity time to 20-30 minutes is appropriate.

Six, yoga

Yoga can be said to be the best choice for summer fitness, the human body in the summer is very high flexibility, muscle is not easy to strain sprain, is a good time to practice yoga. Yoga to be fasting, it is best after two or three hours after dinner and then practice, or after half an hour to eat dinner. Do not take a bath within half an hour before and after practice.

Summer, the human body is relatively smooth blood, this time to practice yoga, not only a lot easier, and fully stretch the body will become more fun and comfortable. A lot of hot summer people will become bad temper, through yoga breathing and meditation, but also ease your anxiety. Practice yoga before you do not need to drink too much water, exercise sweating should immediately add water or salt; practice time should be based on personal constitution to the general beginners in about 30 minutes is appropriate, avoid excessive or even overload exercise; Due to body fluid loss or high temperature environment may cause transient brain hypoxia, to avoid immediately wash cold bath, air conditioning or drink cold drinks, after a short break and add water before the hot water bath.

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