How do men dress up properly?

How to match is a knowledge is also an art, the following describes the four very no taste of men wearing collocation method.

Many men wear their own is not elegant, or even the lack of the most basic collocation problems, resulting in female In front of the image of the loss is very serious. Let us look at the following dress is the most out of it

The same time as the above- The suit pocket is stuffed with debris

In many occasions we will see a lot of brothers in the suit or trousers pocket stuffed bag, key, cell phone, change, PDA and other objects, so it will only completely destroy the elegant texture of the suit, the best course is not to put Anything, and it is easy to lead to deformation of the suit, the experts suggested that if you have to let these items carry, it is best to choose a good texture of the leather bag to place.

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