The three taboo of male dress

The same time as the above- Men wear the most weary style and taste

The same time as the above- 1, black leather shoes with white socks

Now white socks became the majority of men's patents, do not wear suits to wear how high-end, do not care how beautiful shoes, is definitely a pair of white socks. Such a man and now popular super girl and happy boys no difference, there is no accomplishment of the performance. As everyone knows, white socks are the characteristics of sports shoes, sports and traveler's performance. Black shoes should be equipped with black socks or blue and gray socks, perhaps like the black shoes with white socks men do not know the general concept of clothing aesthetics. So everywhere can see the white socks of the eye is to see the shallow men everywhere, do not expect them to have any further study.

2, shirt pocket do not pen

Now this man is running out, but occasionally still able to see this nondescript man. That he would not write a few words; that he often signed documents, as if he had not signed a few large cooperation agreement; that he was like Kong Yi, really wear a very stress, broken gown Certainly not belong to them. The only time to use his pen that time, that is, at the wine table, which person to ask him for business cards, he took off from the shirt pocket authentic pen, and then in the business card on a large sum of their own name , I heard the name of the shape or spend fifty dollars in the street design.

3, "leader" has a stain

Most men love to wear suits in social situations, which has almost become a social tradition, the suit is very particular about the shirt collar and cuffs, they are the soul of the suit. When the man's head back and between the eyes of the lift, will show the "leader" of the mental outlook. But some men do not care about this point, the collar of the grease is clearly visible, the cuff on the sludge and then on. This "tiny" mark may give a feeling, that is, as a leader may be such a man really is still lacking.

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