Men’s underwear how to choose this pick

The company is located in: The company is located in: Underwear can be said that people are the most intimate clothing, but also to protect you Private place health Play no small role. Therefore, the choice of underwear is very important, if the choice is inappropriate, it will hurt the health of men! So what kind of underwear men choose good?

男人内裤怎么挑选 男人怎么挑选内裤好 男人内裤该怎么样挑选

The company is located in: Office workers should wear it

Most office workers are based on a long time sitting in the office of the main office, so it is best to choose some of the more liberal square underwear or nail underwear is better, we can say that this is more formal trousers and matching Clothing. Because of this more relaxed underwear allows you to have free space for private activities, but also not a long time negative pressure on it to reduce the friction of the private sector is relatively small damage.

The company is located in: Men wear this underwear good exercise

In sports, it is best to choose some of the more breathable shorts, or some similar to the material swimming trunks, you want to wear something close, it is best to be breathable. The same purpose is to reduce friction for the private sector, and some specialized clothes can also help you prevent personal injuries in sports.

男人内裤怎么挑选 男人怎么挑选内裤好 男人内裤该怎么样挑选

The company is located in: So thick legs of men to wear anything good

Some thighs more sturdy man, it is best to wear some high panties underwear, it is best to reduce the binding of the thigh. Therefore, when a thick man is walking, not only the private part will be rubbed, the thigh or the whole thigh will be rubbed, which may easily lead to the blood circulation in the thigh being hurt and impairing the man's sexual function.

The company is located in: Men's underwear fabrics are also exquisite

Some chemical fiber underwear is likely to cause men sperm Hurt, cast an unnecessary shadow over your birth. So whether or not there is a man during pregnancy, it is best to wear less chemical fiber underwear, try to choose some of the cotton underwear, sperm semen The impact is relatively small.

男人内裤怎么挑选 男人怎么挑选内裤好 男人内裤该怎么样挑选

The company is located in: Underwear color can not be ignored

Some people like a lot of dark clothes, looks pants, but not easy to dirty, but those who often forget those colors are dyed by some of the dye, which sets a lot of chemicals as one of the clothes, Certainly contains some toxicity, those over-white underwear may be excessive bleaching, there are health risks in it, and even make you suffer allergy disease.

Therefore, when men choose the best underwear is able to see the material of clothes, do not be bearded by the surface bells and whistles. Want your own health, it is best to live a little more refined, after all, this is the closest thing with you. Do not choose some is not very appropriate, too much to their own physical constraints, resulting in oppression of private parts and thus there are some health problems. ( 99 Health Network ( Zhuangao, for reprint, please indicate the source. )

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