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  • Summer class must have low collar equipment

    Summer class must have low collar equipment

    Looking at the summer more and more long, men actually engage in what their own highlights, in accordance with the season more and more blurred fashion boundaries seem to understand. More and more women elements to join the men in the men wearing a skirt out is no longer a shocking thunder of the things right?

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  • Men’s clothing with essentials

    Men’s clothing with essentials

    Blue is considered the highest rate of men's wear, navy blue for men is always the basic color, so it is ranked first in the men's dress of the three primary colors, the other two colors are the mouse gray and brown, row In the fourth is green, so life is basically every man will have one to three sets of blue clothing, which is normal.

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  • Men’s underwear selection guide

    Men’s underwear selection guide

    This article guide: Speaking of men's underwear, many women will be intimate for him to do, there are many men helpless to their own arrangements. My side of the friends for the purchase of men's underwear usually have three kinds of reactions: one is like to love the underwear store curiosity, looking for a provocative style of sexy style, one is that men's underwear no design factors at all, the street 10 yuan 3, who wore inside no one knows, the last one is

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  • Men dress new hot spot – pink pink

    Men dress new hot spot – pink pink

    This year's spring and summer men seem to completely break this set of custom dressing, pink pink this season, the United States can not ignore the important man dress point. This season's pink is definitely not as timelic as in the past, a lot of white shyly mixed with some red, it seems red is not white and white is not white, like washing clothes when the wash string color.

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