The Yangshuo Is a common male in life disease , we all know that sexual life if it is not harmonious may also affect the feelings between husband and wife, and if male I suffer from impotence will affect the quality of sexual life, then what is better prevention How is it? Here are some good habits for prevention of impotence for everyone to understand.

How to prevent impotence What are the ways to prevent impotence?

The Good habits to prevent impotence

1. Take a good rest

Excessive exertion affects men's sexual ability. Therefore, when dealing with them, they need to pay attention to rest, maintain strong energy, and prevent impotence.

2, a balanced diet

Men should pay attention to a balanced diet and eat less greasy food . Eat more fruits, vegetables, these are rich in vitamin fiber. Eating is of the utmost importance to people. Through a balanced diet, they can often balance their nutrition and maintain their physical health At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the daily diet to less fried greasy food, eat more fruits and vegetables.

3, strengthen sports work out

Usually, we must develop a good habit of physical exercise, and consume excess calories through physical exercise. At the same time, we can also increase our physical capacity and stretch our ligaments when exercising. All these are beneficial to our physical health.

How to prevent impotence What are the ways to prevent impotence?

4, good attitude

A good mentality can effectively prevent diseases, and in life, do not look too hard for fame and fortune, encounter difficulties or setbacks. Actively adjust their mentality to avoid the impact of bad emotions on their own, effectively prevent the emergence of impotence diseases.

5, moderation

Long-term sexual intercourse, being overly immersed in pornography, is one of the causes of impotence. If husband and wife are separated and stopped for a period of time, avoid various types of sexual stimulation and let the center nerve Restful sex organs are an effective measure to prevent and treat impotence.

Yangshuo therapeutic side

1, celery juice

Formula: 250 grams of fresh celery.

Method: chop the celery, twist the juice, add sugar to taste.

The effect : Heat and dampness.

Usage: 15 ml each time, 2 times a day.

How to prevent impotence What are the ways to prevent impotence?

The 2. Sparrow shrimp soup

Formula: 5 sparrows, 50 g fresh shrimp and 3 ginger.

Method: Sparrow and shrimp are placed together in a bowl, add ginger, salt, and a little soy sauce, letting the water amount, stamping, stew for 30 minutes, re-entering the liquor, a little flavoring of MSG.

Efficacy: kidney yang, fill the essence.

Usage: Carrot meat soup, eat 1st every 3rd.

3, lily lotus soup

Formula: 15 grams of lily, 15 grams of lotus seeds, crystal sugar amount.

Method: Lotus seeds to the heart, with Lily add water, cook until thoroughly cooked, into the rock sugar seasoning.

Efficacy: Spleen Qi, Yang Xin Anshen.

Usage: Take with the amount.

4, yam porridge

Formula: 100 grams of yam and 100 to 150 grams of white flour.

Method: Wash the yam, go to the skin, smash, with the flour transferred to cold water, boiled into a porridge, will add cooked green onion, ginger and brown sugar, cooked slightly Serve.

Efficacy: Spleen Qi.

Usage: can be used as the main food, the most suitable uniform. (Reference website: Family doctor online)

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