The Yangshuo Is a common kind male disease , And this disease will make men's physical and psychological impact. So if you find out, you should actively treatment . So what is a better treatment for such a disease? Here's the folk who treat impotence Remedies Recommended for your reference. Please eat under the above recommendations.

Yangshuo how to do Yangshuo how to treat Yangshuo treatment prescription

Remedies for the treatment of impotence

1, Morinda officinalis 18g, Achyranthes 18g, Dendrobium 18g, Alfalfa live 27g, Angelica 27g, ginger 27g, pepper 2g, wine 1000ml. Finely pound the herbs into a clean container, pour it into the wine, seal it and cook for 1 hour. Take off the cooling, filter it and bottling it. Every 15 to 20ml, take the wine warm.

2, nine insects 40g, white wine 400ml. The nine insect pests were crushed, packed into a gauze bag, placed in a clean vessel, poured into white wine and sealed. Open it 7 days later, remove the medicine bag and drink it. Each time 10 ~ 20ml, 2 times a day, the wine was taken on a warm empty stomach.

3. Red ginseng 10g, Rehmannia 30g, Astragalus 25g, Atractylodes macrocephala 15g, Morinda citrifolia 15g, Hawthorn 10g, Boziren 10g, Schisandra 5g, Polygala 5g, Cinnamon 5g, Poria 15g, Lindera aggregata 15g. Shuijianbi, a daily dose, morning and evening hours service, l weeks for treatment.

4, fried herb 10g, fried Phellodendron 5g, cinnamon 2g (after the next), Pinellia log, the system of South Star log, 炙 Polygalaceae 5g, Shichangpu log, Rosa laevigata 12g, Gorgon fruit 11g, calcined oysters 25g, (simmer), Lotus 10g, Cnidium log, Asarum 2g. Shuijianbi, 1 day, 15 days for the l course.

Yangshuo how to do Yangshuo how to treat Yangshuo treatment prescription

5, 蜈蚣 1, 30 seeds, 15g licorice, vinegar amount. The wolfberry was dried, sauteed with sausage, and licorice was jointly researched into fine powder. Serve in 2 servings, light vinegar soup delivery service, sooner or later, on the 7th for a course of treatment.

6, Curculigo 120g, wine 500ml. After drying the crabgrass, dry it in a clean container. Pour wine soaked and sealed. Opened after 7 days, filtered to residue, bottling spare. Each time 15 to 20ml, 2 times a day sooner or later, empty stomach. Yin Huo-wang who are not allowed.

7, Yang Qishi 30g, Morinda officinalis, fenugreek, hawthorn each 10g, Epimedium, Shouwu each 15g, Curculigo 6g, Cistanche 12g, dodder seed, medlar, Wuzizi each 10g, sheep testicular l pair. 1 day, Shuijianbi. 15 days for treatment.

8, 40 each of wolfberry, oyster, and epimedium, 120 each of angelica, white peony, and licorice. Joint research to fine, over 90 ~ 120 mesh sieve. Every 6g, 2 times daily fasting with vinegar or rice wine delivery service. 30 days for the l course.

Yangshuo how to do Yangshuo how to treat Yangshuo treatment prescription

Causes of impotence in men

One: organic

It is also a common cause of impotence. Although organic impotence only accounts for about 10~15% of the total number of impotence, it has more etiology and complicated pathology. In general, it is congenital anomaly, disease and drug influence, and iatrogenicity. Due to several reasons.

II: Iatrogenicity

The patient is impotent due to a doctor's reason clinical It also happened from time to time. This may be due to the doctor's carelessness or interpretation of the erectile dysfunction, or to the patient's misunderstanding of the doctor's explanation and guidance. Some are impotent during the treatment of other diseases. In addition, the patient's misunderstanding of the sexual knowledge introduced in the books, magazines, and some misdirection can also cause impotence. This is also the most common cause of impotence.

Three: Psychological (Psychological, Spiritual)

Psychosomal impotence accounts for about 85% to 90% of the total number of impotence and is the most common Sexual dysfunction Sexual diseases. through an examination The patient did not cause organic diseases of sexual dysfunction, but the penis was not erect when sexual intercourse, but in non-sexual activities such as dreams or reading some sexually stimulating books, movies, and when the bladder was full of urine The penis can erect when masturbating. The mechanism of psychological impotence may be due to a variety of mental and psychological factors interfering with the central brain, making the brain nerve The center cannot get enough excitement. This is the more common cause of impotence. (Reference site: Global hospital network)

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