The company is located in: Impotence Yes male Most afraid of disease One, many men can not imagine themselves if impotence how to do? Why men impotence it? This is closely related with the man's habits, bad habits will likely cause impotence. Stay away from bad habits can be effective prevention Impotence. Xiaobian today to learn how to effectively prevent impotence phenomenon.

How to prevent impotence Impotence prevention methods how to prevent impotence

How to prevent impotence

Correct treatment of health products

Instead of using regular health care products nor drugs, is a major feature of Chinese-style ED. A survey shows that 86.7% of people think that " treatment And can not restore normal function ", while many people think that the effect of taking health care products is more obvious. In fact, many so-called" health products "in the market have added western medicine in violation of regulations, and the dosage is very unstable. Sometimes, Dosage is very large, sometimes very small, long-term use will be men health Cause a very negative impact.

Get rid of bad diet and lifestyle

ED is the reason to eat out because ED and diabetes , Hyperlipidemia Closely linked. Chinese people pay attention to, make-up prevails, provide conditions for diabetes and hyperlipidemia, then ED on the visit. Diabetes and hyperlipidemia is how to cause ED?

Is due to both diseases are damaging the body's arteries, arteriosclerosis and stenosis. When the male sex organs arteriovenous stenosis also occurs, you can make male sexual organs in the erection of inadequate blood flow, or even as the river appears "cut off" the phenomenon of general, male sexual organs, because of blood flow and "exhaustion" booming It's Bad habits and ED also have a certain relationship, such as long-term irregular life, alcohol, smoking, staying up late, etc. will cause disruption to sexual activity. Because sexual activity is based on a healthy, energetic body, the tired body and haggard mental state often suppress desire, and as time passes, male functions decline and the ED will quietly come.

How to prevent impotence Impotence prevention methods how to prevent impotence

Ill go in time hospital

According to our understanding, the visiting rate of ED patients in our country is less than 10%, and each ED males averagely have to wait for 22 months before they can see a doctor, which is obviously higher than that of a foreign country for 6 months. Under the influence of traditional Chinese morality and culture, many people do not regard ED as a disease but treat it as a natural aging phenomenon and ignore it. Moreover, it has many personal privacy components, but also affect people to seek medical treatment.

In fact, more than 90% of male ED can be cured. More than 80% of patients in male outpatient clinics have recovered and basically recovered. Can not cure and treatment effect is not obvious only about 15%. However, the premise is that we must face up to this reality, carry out the necessary tests and diagnoses at the same time to find the real cause of the disease and then cooperate with the doctors for treatment.

If a man impotence, then not only in the life of the couple will be affected, but also in other areas will be affected. Because men impotence will begin with their self-confidence, and even feel like what are doing bad, so please male friends, we must form a good living habits, away from the bad habits before.

Impotence diet side

Almond porridge

Formula: Alisma, rice

System of law: Alisma sun dried powder, rice will be first into the pot when rice is transferred into the Alisma orientalis flowering, Wen Wenhuo cook for a moment Serve.

The company is located in: effect : Qing Xie Renal, spleen dampness.

Usage: take morning and evening.

How to prevent impotence Impotence prevention methods how to prevent impotence

【Celery juice】

Formula: fresh celery 250 grams.

Method: Celery chopped, twist juice, add sugar seasoning.

Efficacy: heat and dampness.

Usage: Each 15 ml, 2 times a day.

【Lily lotus soup】

Formula: 15 grams of lily, 15 grams of lotus seeds, crystal sugar amount.

System of law: lotus to the heart, and lily with water to cook until cooked, into the crystal sugar.

Efficacy: Spleen Qi, Yang Xin soothe the nerves.

Usage: Take the amount of food. (Reference site: family doctor online)

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