The company is located in: Impotence The emergence of a lot male Very embarrassed, often disappointment in sexual life, but also from time to time by his wife's complaints, long-term psychologically caused great pressure on men. If burglary, but also easily lead to some disease , Endangering men health . So to say, in time treatment Impotence is important, but first you need to understand the cause. So, what is the root cause of impotence?

Impotence causes what causes impotence impotence how to do

What is the cause of impotence in the end?

1, there is organic and psychogenic, this is more serious, itself physically sick at the same time there are psychological problems

2, is caused by physical illness impotence, this is called organic impotence, for example, there had been penile trauma, prostate Inflammation, prostate surgery

3, an examination Bo but normal but not up, usually because patients are more nervous, suffering from depression, this is called cardiac erectile dysfunction, also known as functional impotence

Impotence causes what causes impotence impotence how to do

Specific easily lead to modern male impotence reasons for drinking, sedentary, smoking these bad habits, in addition to such things as romance, feelings of bad, girlfriend hit, medical interpersonal factors.

Men's impotence hazards

Harm one: impotence affects male fertility but not equal to infertility

The sperm-egg combination is the basis for breeding a new life. Impotence patients with difficult to erect penis, can not be sperm Lose to female The cervix, giving birth to the next generation of difficulties. For patients with mild disease, common symptom Erection is not strong, can barely complete sexual life. But at this time the patient's physiological function in a non-healthy state, poor quality of sperm, it is difficult to ensure healthy young life. Can be seen, impotence disorders affect not only the patient's fertility, but also may affect the health of the next generation.

Impotence causes what causes impotence impotence how to do

Harm two: destroy sexual relations Impotence or will destroy the male self-confidence

The emergence of impotence, leading to the fact that husband and wife living is not normal, not only plagued men's physical and mental health, but also related to the harmony and happiness of both sexes. Normal physiological needs are not released and vent, there may be cracks in daily life, serious may lead to marital rupture, many examples of real life has been endless.

Harm three: affect individual health Chronic diseases often accompanied by impotence

According to clinical research found that most impotence patients also suffer from other chronic diseases. Impotence caused by many factors, unhealthy physiological conditions, psychological state and unscientific way of life can lead to impotence to varying degrees, and through the early manifestation of impotence. Because of its special warning function, impotence is called "the intersection of male health problems." Male science is used to it impotence metaphor becomes the tip of the iceberg, hiding in the deep now more invisible problems. If there is no effective treatment of impotence in time to ease, then one day, these long-standing problems will all burst. (Reference site: family doctor online)

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