Many men long-term Kidney deficiency It will happen later Impotence of symptom , Which makes men is quite troubling, then what diet can improve the symptoms of impotence? We together look.

Impotence how to do What impotence impotence eat What are the reasons

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Sea cucumber porridge

50 grams of sea cucumber, 100 grams of rice. The sea cucumber bubble hair, cut open the abdomen, dredged intestine, scrape clean, chopped, add boiling water rotten. Wash clean rice, and sea cucumber together in the casserole. Add water, the first Wuhuo boiling, and then slow fire torment 20 to 30 minutes to rice rotten degree. Add a little onion ginger salt seasoning, morning fasting food.

A Bushenyijing, Ziyin blood effect, suitable for kidney deficiency caused by weak constitution, Yaoxisuanruan, insomnia, night sweats. Treatment of kidney qi weakness, blood loss, impotence, Premature ejaculation , Nocturnal emission, frequent urination, non-Chinese, dizziness, tinnitus, Yaoxisuanruan, fatigue and fatigue.

Wolfberry pork waist porridge

Medlar 10 grams, a pig kidney, 100 grams of rice, onion ginger a little salt, with Zhu Chengyu.

Beneficial kidney yin, kidney yang, solid essence of the role of strong waist, apply to kidney fatigue, yin and yang deficiency caused by lumbar spinal pain, waist and knees, leg weakness, dizziness, tinnitus and so on.

Impotence how to do What impotence impotence eat What are the reasons

Cistanche lamb waist porridge

Cistanche 10 grams, a sheep (to the endometrium, chopped), 100 grams of rice, with Zhu Chengyu.

A kidney yang, the role of cleverness, suitable for use The elderly Deficiency of kidney yang caused by aversion to cold, waist and knee cold pain, frequent urination, nocturnal urine, constipation Wait.

Impotence disease Forming the root cause

1, spiritual factors

This incidence may come from a variety of psychological instability or over-pressure state, mental or physical exertion over, poor mental stimulation, or indulgent sexual desire over sexual intercourse can cause cerebral cortex dysfunction and impotence;

2, nerve system

Impaired central nervous system, resulting in abnormal secretion, which led to impotence.

Impotence how to do What impotence impotence eat What are the reasons

3, endocrine disorders

Such as diabetes Pituitary insufficiency and other pituitary disorders, or testicular damage or dysfunction of the system diseases, in short, endocrine disorders, but also the etiology of the cause.

4, genitourinary organs

Such as prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, epididymitis, and other diseases often have an excitation effect, often can lead to impotence.

5, chronic fatigue

Fatigue is an important cause of impotence, as muscle fatigue interferes with sexual desire, as well as reduced pituitary gonadotropin and testicular androgen secretion decreased sexual excitement. (Reference site: family doctor online)

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