It is well known that wolfberry can kidney, especially for some Kidney deficiency Of people, eating wolfberry has a very good help, so many people use it without permission treatment Impotence . So, wolfberry treatment of impotence effective? Obviously, there are many causes of impotence, is not necessarily caused by kidney deficiency, but also with masturbation, psychology and many other factors, it can not be treated with wolfberry, or should be type.

Impotence how to treat impotence to eat what good What are the harms of impotence?

Chinese wolfberry effective treatment of impotence it

In terms of medicinal value, wolfberry can be used to treat liver and kidney is very effective for the treatment of impotence kidney deficiency best. In addition, the dizzy, depending on the material dim flowers, semen Jing impotence, dark complexion, to be made yellow, Yaoxisuanruan, Yin labor cough, the elderly Diabetes embolism also effective. Modern medical research found that medlar can enhance the body's immune function, enhance the body's resistance, promote cell regeneration, reduce blood cholesterol, anti-atherosclerosis, improve skin Elasticity, anti-visceral and skin aging and so on. Uniform served wolfberry fruit, can delay aging, skin beauty Yan Yi and improve sexual function. Wolfberry excitability nerve Role, sexual desire hyperthyroidism should not take.

Impotence What to eat it is good

1, tomatoes

High nutritional value, with a variety of vitamins, protein, calcium and trace elements. Inside the tomatoes tomato Red can effectively relieve a variety of male subjects disease , While still improving male friend sperm quality.

Impotence how to treat impotence to eat what good What are the harms of impotence?

2, lychee

Nutritional value is also very high, with the body needs a variety of vitamins and trace elements. Lychee has Qi Zhi Zhi effect, can effectively alleviate the pain caused by a variety of male diseases.

3, mango

Vitamin A, vitamin C content is much higher than other fruits, mango which also has the human body necessary calcium, iron and other nutrients.

Impotence how to treat impotence to eat what good What are the harms of impotence?

Impotence harm

A: affect individual health

Most impotence patients suffer from other chronic diseases at the same time. Impotence caused by many factors, unhealthy physiological conditions, psychological state and unscientific way of life can lead to impotence to varying degrees, and through the early manifestation of impotence.

Second: affect male fertility

The sperm-egg combination is the basis for breeding a new life. Impotence in patients with difficult to erect penis, unable to sperm into the female cervix, giving birth to the next generation of difficulties. For patients with mild disease, the common symptom is not strong erection, can barely complete sexual life. But at this time the patient's physiological function in a non-healthy state, poor quality of sperm, it is difficult to ensure healthy healthy little life.

Three: destroy the relationship between the sexes

Patients with severe impotence, is unable to complete intercourse, making sperm unable to enter the combination with the egg, which can not complete the process of pregnancy, affect fertility. I believe you have a certain understanding of the common introduction of impotence hazards, I hope you can have some help, for their own health and family happiness, we must actively prevent and prevent the factors that lead to impotence, so as to stay away from impotence harm. (Reference Site: China Health Network)

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